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« earlier — Procedurally made-to-order wall art.
Buy individually generated procedural wall art. No two prints are the same.
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3 days ago by e2b
Scott Reinhard
Scott Reinhard is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer. He works at the New York multi-disciplinary design studio 2 × 4 and was formerly a Senior Designer at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and VSA Partners. Scott has taught in the Graduate Communications Design program at the Pratt Institute and holds a Master of Graphic Design from North Carolina State University.
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12 days ago by jmuspratt
Tiny Type Posters - : InDesignSecrets
Amazing things happen when you cram an entire book onto a single pag
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12 days ago by scribblenik
Dos and don'ts on designing for accessibility
Six posters by Karwai Pun that help graphic and interaction designers work with accessibility in mind.
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24 days ago by warnick

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