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Timescale | an open-source time-series SQL database optimized for fast ingest, complex queries and scale.
An open-source time-series database fully compatible with Postgres for fast ingest and complex queries.
timeseries  db  database  postgresql  time  postgres  sql 
yesterday by eownis
Load data into PostgreSQL. Fast.
Pgloader loads data into PostgreSQL using the COPY streaming protocol, and doing so with separate threads for reading and writing data. Asynchronous IO, compiled to the metal programming language.
database  postgres  lisp 
3 days ago by myles
pgloader: Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL
If you want to migrate your data over to PostgreSQL from MySQL then pgloader is the tool of choice!

Most tools around are skipping the main problem with migrating from MySQL, which is to do with the type casting and data sanitizing that needs to be done. pgloader will not leave you alone on those topics.
mysql  postgres  migration 
3 days ago by myles
Lanyrd's MySQL to PostgreSQL conversion script
mysql  postgres  database  conversion 
3 days ago by myles
What is Barman? What problem resolves?
Barman allows your company to implement disaster recovery solutions for PostgreSQL databases with high requirements of business continuity. Taking an online hot backup of PostgreSQL is now as easy as ordering a good espresso coffee.
backup  postgres  postgresql  tool 
3 days ago by micktwomey
Getting Started with Event Sourcing in Postgres – BackerKit Blog
In a previous post we explored how our application tracks sent emails. We set things up to update or insert a record for each email with the current state (delivered, dropped, etc). In this post we’ll look at an alternative data model where we’ll store each event as its own record and then roll up the events to get the current state of a particular email.

With this different modeling we’ll be able to understand the full lifecycle of an email allowing us to debug issues better as well as have a better understanding of how our users interact with our emails. In our original setup we could only know about the most recent email event. We’ll use the concept of event sourcing to maintain this history.
database  postgres  postgresql 
3 days ago by micktwomey

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