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Indexing all the things in Postgres
"Postgres indexes make your application fast. And while one option is to analyze each of your relational database queries with pg_stat_statements to see where you should add indexes… an alternative fix (and a quick one at that) could be to add indexes to each and every database table—and every column—within your database. To make this easy for you, here’s a query you can run that will create the CREATE INDEX commands for every table and column in your Postgres database." crazy idea
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yesterday by gavin
Writing your own aggregation functions
"Many people who have used PostgreSQL or SQL in general in a professional or semi-professional way have stumbled across “aggregate functions”. A database engine such as PostgreSQL usually provides the most basic aggregate functions such as count, min, max, sum, and so on. However, those functions are pretty limited and fulfill only the basic needs and requirements. In many cases those basic functions are not enough and it makes sense to create your own code to make sure that calculations can still be done on the server side."
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yesterday by gavin
Columnar Storage finally makes its way into using tech from
PostgreSQL  Crunchconf  from twitter
2 days ago by aratob

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