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Lily, Petunia and the language of flowers - Pottermore
Snape says he regrets Lily's death in first conversion with Harry
harry  potter  snape  bullying  potions  flower  language  meaning  explanation 
5 weeks ago by danfnz
Crimes of Grindelwald — Death By Author | Anatomy Of A Failure
Screenwriting is not like writing a book. To write for film:
1. Your time is limited, so you have to pick a few key character perspectives
2. Because of your limited time, everything also has to serve the purpose either of (a) pushing the plot forward, or (b) developing character, or both. Chekov's gun should have a delay.
3. You have to convey information visually, not (just) through dialogue or voiceover
Film  Harry  Potter  Magic  Narratology  Storytelling  Crimes  of  Grindelwald 
april 2019 by dbourn
Keep Facebook Business And Personal Page Separate - YouTube ;;;
tags: Keep Facebook Business And Personal Page Separate - YouTube ;;;
01:55; You created the page; but someone else replies, comments, postings, messages.
------ Page Rolls
02:10; Page Rolls; differnt access levels.
0220; how do you post & comment on facebook as yourself versus as your business page.
Keep  Facebook  Business  And  Personal  Page  Separate  -  YouTube  Jerry  Potter  video  FMSM  Five  Minute  Social  Media  marketing 
february 2019 by neerajsinghvns

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