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Yes, This Is a Witch Hunt. I’m a Witch and I’m Hunting You. - The New York Times
It is unclear what possessed Woody Allen, of all people, to comment on the accusations of sexual predation against Harvey Weinstein, when he could have just not said anything, not expressed sympathy for an alleged serial rapist, not accused long-silenced women who said they were sexually assaulted of contributing to “a witch hunt atmosphere” and not felt compelled to issue a pouty follow-up statement in which he didn’t apologize but, in fact, reiterated how “sad” he feels for Weinstein because Weinstein is “sick.”

I’m kidding! It’s totally clear why Allen would issue such a statement — why he wouldn’t hesitate to include the astonishing confession that “no one ever came to me or told me horror stories with any real seriousness,” implying that people did tell him about Weinstein but he, with that odd omniscience native to the very rich, deemed them insufficiently serious. It’s also totally clear why Allen felt untouchable enough to add that even if he had believed the “horror stories,” he wouldn’t have been interested, let alone concerned, because he is a serious man busy making serious man-art. He said people wouldn’t bother coming to him anyway, because, as he described it: “You’re not interested in it. You are interested in making your movie.” (That last bit is fair, actually. If I’d been sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, literally my last instinct would be to go to Woody Allen for help.)

It’s clear because the cultural malfunction that allows Allen to feel comfortable issuing that statement is the same malfunction that gave us Allen and Weinstein in the first place: the smothering, delusional, galactic entitlement of powerful men.
2017-10  sexism  money  power 
21 hours ago by Weaverbird
Process Flow Slide for PowerPoint - SlideModel
Process Flow Slide for PowerPoint is a 2-slide process chart editable in PowerPoint. It is a free slide design with ABC process flow diagram concept.
er  power 
yesterday by m0ll3art
Чем опасны автомобильные зарядки: ammo1
Автомобильные зарядки значительно опасней сетевых и случаев сгорания техники из-за них гораздо больше, чем из-за сетевых зарядных устройств.

Любая сетевая зарядка содержит трансформатор, понижающий напряжение сети до достаточно низкого значения. Вероятность попадания сетевого напряжения на выход (пробоя) конечно есть, но она довольно мала.

Автомобильная зарядка понижает напряжение 12 или 24 вольта до 5 вольт с помощью специальной микросхемы - stepdown-преобразователя, при этом входное напряжение может попасть на выход и сжечь подключённые устройства.
mobile  gadgets  power  physical_security  safety 
2 days ago by some_hren
FA racism allegations inquiry: Request 'bordering on blackmail' - Eniola Aluko - BBC Sport
Footballer Eni Aluko tells the parliamentary inquiry over racism that FA chief executive Martin Glenn asked her to make a written statement that "the FA was not institutionally racist" and in return "the FA would consider" releasing the second portion of an agreed financial settlement.

Aluko says the offer was "bordering on blackmail". Glenn denies asking her to make the statement. &!
post-racial  America  UK  BAME  discrimination  Gesellschaft  Society  Institution  racial  Racism  prejudice  bigotry  Zivilcourage  Zivilgesellschaft  Power  abuse 
2 days ago by asterisk2a
The real roots of early city states may rip up the textbooks | New Scientist
Questions the prevailing view that towns presuppose government, power and coersion, suggests it's possible to have towns w little/no central authority
history  culture  anthropology  book  middleeast  africa  grain  government  power  development  debunk  2017  review  authority 
2 days ago by csrollyson
Dr. Wattson : Energy Monitoring Breakout
Energy Monitoring Breakout Board for Arduino and other Maker-Friendly Microcontrollers

Easily integrate quality AC energy measurements into your next project!
energy  arduino  monitoring  embedded  homeautomation  power  measurement 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Shell buys NewMotion charging network in first electric vehicle deal
Shell said NewMotion, which manages over 30,000 charging points for electric vehicles in Western Europe and offers access to thousands more, will operate in parallel to Shell’s program of rolling out fast charging points at its forecourts.
“They’re complementary offers. One is fast charging on the go on the forecourt and the other is a slightly slower rate of charge at the workplace or at home. At this stage there are no plans to integrate the two,” Shell’s vice-president for new fuels, Matthew Tipper, told journalists.
automotive  power  trends  future  tesla 
4 days ago by dancall

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