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Su mirada al Caribe la destaca en Reino Unido - NOTICEL
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, artista en Puerto Rico, via Magali
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4 days ago by esm
Heute ist der Geburtstag von Thomas öpper . Er fehlt!
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8 days ago by juliecogley
As a professional I guarantee that this was likely pre written beforehand and…
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8 days ago by aaiqbal
Make the case for art and culture | Arts Council England
Make the case for art and culture
It's vital that we all keep demonstrating why publicly-funded art and culture is important and what benefits it can bring to individuals, communities and society as a whole.
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14 days ago by mildlydiverting
Opinion | How the Climate Kids Are Short-Circuiting Right-Wing Media - The New York Times
Faced with a political enemy that pays it no attention, the right is palpably frustrated. They argue that children have become, as a headline on an essay by Commentary’s Noah Rothman put it, “Child Soldiers in the Culture wars,” are insulated against criticism because of their age and innocence. “How do you respond to statements like that?” the Fox News host Tucker Carlson said recently of Ms. Thunberg’s forthright speeches. “The truth is you can’t respond. And of course, that’s the point.”

But as the past week shows, the right is perfectly willing to attack the children. Instead, the problem is that, as Mr. Carlson seems to realize, there’s just not a very resonant counter message for a youth movement to protect the planet. Polling also suggests that there’s an increasingly shrinking pool of conservative listeners for it, with a majority of Republicans under age 45 now identifying as concerned about climate change. And so it feels increasingly likely that, when it comes to climate, the right-wing media, which is skewed toward an aging Republican audience, may simply be obsolete.

In other words, it’s not that the right can’t attack the climate kids because of their age. Rather, it’s that because of their age, the right’s attacks feel especially feeble.
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16 days ago by msszczep

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