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Xin Zhui - Wikipedia
> In Western Han Dynasty, elaborate and lavish burials were common practice. One reason was the notion of imperishability of the soul: it was believed that another world existed for the dead, and they needed food and accommodation just like the living. Therefore, the consecration for the dead should be the same as what was provided for the living, and all the necessities in life should be brought into the grave for use in the afterlife. The other was the emphasis on filial piety during that time. In Han Dynasty, filial piety had become an important approach to become an official, and elaborate and lavish burials are a significant way to show filial piety to one's deceased parents. These were among the main reasons why there were so many precious artifacts in Xin Zhui's tomb.[9]
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3 days ago by porejide Archive Now (archivenow)
Archive Now (archivenow) currently is configured to push resources into six public web archives. You can easily add more archives by writing a new archive handler (e.g., and place it inside the folder "handlers".
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9 days ago by mikael
Saving the digital world
A growing proportion of global culture exists only online, presenting a challenge to those tasked with maintaining the historical record.
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9 days ago by mikael
KULA : Endangered Knowledge
Guest editors Samantha MacFarlane, Rachel Mattson, and Bethany Nowviskie have assembled a collection of scholarly articles, pedagogical reflections, and project reports that take up theoretical and practical considerations of archival salvage and erasure, the persistence of the public record, indigenous knowledge, and the politics of loss. The special issue explores endangerment as a critical category of analysis for records, data, collections, languages, ecosystems, and networks.
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12 days ago by shannon_mattern

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