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腾讯企业邮箱 - 直达企业微信,一体化办公体验
16 hours ago by bob9106
Which of Amazon Kinesis and Apache Kafka is the more proven and high performance-oriented? - Quora
It's true that in reading through the other answers here you’ll see: Kafka today has more horsepower out of the box on rough numbers in (somewhat-artificial) tests. What’s more, Kafka today can be tuned to outperform Kinesis in terms of raw numbers on practically any given test — but are you really going to do all that tuning? And are those really the factors that matter most to you, or are there other pros and cons to consider? By analogy: a Corvette can beat a Toyota Corolla in a lot of tests, but maybe gas mileage is what matters most to you; or longevity; or interoberability? Or, like lots of business decisions, is it Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that wins the day?

What follows is a bit of a side-by-side breakdown of the big chunks of the TCO for each technology.
kafka  amazon  aws  kinesis  cost  cloud  study  reference  TCO  couts  pricing 
3 days ago by vrobin
To beat congestion, L.A. needs to charge drivers more. But how can it be done right? - Los Angeles Times
Congestion pricing is an idea whose time has come. It's especially appropriate for L.A. ... the most congested city in North America.
losangeles  la  traffic  congestion  pricing  article  latimes 
10 days ago by aeng

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