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Adobe products: desktop, web, and mobile applications | Adobe
Perpatual license pricing for Acrobat 2017 - $299 for Standard, $499 for Pro - 2019-01-20
acrobat  pricing 
7 hours ago by wellsa
Instance Price Guide
Nicely done EC2 instance price comparison site, with spot instance and reserved pricing discounts taken into account; possibly better than
ec2  instances  aws  pricing  hosts  spot-instances  money 
2 days ago by jm
AWS, MongoDB, and the Economic Realities of Open Source
> This leaves MongoDB Inc. not unlike the record companies after the advent of downloads: what they sold was not software but rather the tools that made that software usable, but those tools are increasingly obsolete as computing moves to the cloud. And now AWS is selling what enterprises really want.
charts  opensource  cloud  mongodb  aws  pricing 
5 days ago by cote
Choose a pricing strategy | Marketing Donut
It's important to begin at the beginning. The age-old saying, "poor planning leads to poor performance" is really true in setting a pricing strategy. Once you have declared your hand it is very difficult to adjust price. Price sends a lot of messages and is used by consumers and buyers to assist them in positioning a brand in their minds.
pricing  strategy 
9 days ago by espen
Agency Pricing Strategies You Can't Miss
Want to learn about Agency Pricing strategies? This content is for you.
10 days ago by DarkUnicorn

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