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The Complete Office 365 And Microsoft 365 Licensing Comparison
Full Microsoft 365 licensing comparison matrix of subscriptions that includes features and pricing for Office 365, EMS and Windows 10 Enterprise plans.
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yesterday by theafter
Suckers List: How Allstate’s Secret Auto Insurance Algorithm Squeezes Big Spenders – The Markup
The price increases didn’t really come after any claim. They were just small amounts all during the life of the policy,” said Bennett, who lives in one of the 10 states where public records show Allstate uses a retention model // there is probably no point calling this a "retention model" - it's more like a model that determines how much you can provoke customers before they desert
insurance  pricing  monopoly  thinkofanumber 
2 days ago by yorksranter
Suckers' list: how Allstate’s secret auto insurance algorithm squeezes big spenders • The Markup
Maddy Varner and Aaron Sankin:
<p>Seven years ago, Allstate Corporation told Maryland regulators it was time to update its auto insurance rates. The insurer said its new, sophisticated risk analysis showed it was charging nearly all of its 93,000 Maryland customers outdated premiums. Some of the old rates were off by miles. One 36-year-old man from Prince George’s County, Md., who Allstate said in public records should have been paying $3,750 every six months, was instead being charged twice that, more than $7,500. Other customers were paying hundreds or thousands of dollars less than they should have been, based on Allstate’s new calculation of the risk that they would file a claim.

Rather than apply the new rates all at once, Allstate asked the Maryland Insurance Administration for permission to run each policy through an advanced algorithm containing dozens of variables that would adjust it in the general direction of the new risk model. Allstate said the goal of this new customer “retention model,” which it was rolling out across the country, was to limit policy cancellations from sticker shock. After questions from regulators, the insurer submitted thousands of pages of documentation on the price changes—including data showing how they would affect each individual customer, a rare public window into details of its auto insurance pricing that have otherwise been kept behind a wall of privacy, labeled a trade secret.

When The Markup and Consumer Reports conducted a statistical analysis of the Maryland documents, we found that, despite the purported complexity of Allstate’s price-adjustment algorithm, it was actually simple: It resulted in a suckers list of Maryland customers who were big spenders and would squeeze more money out of them than others.</p>
ai  pricing  algorithm  insurance 
3 days ago by charlesarthur
Suckers List: How Allstate’s Secret Auto Insurance Algorithm Squeezes Big Spenders – The Markup
Allstate proposed a complex algorithm to decide how much discount to offer -- but mostly it just kept prices high for customers that had a high likelihood of paying the higher rates without leaving. The regulators nixed the plan.
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3 days ago by mcherm
This is a prototype that explores how to facilitate better fit between charities and agencies.
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3 days ago by thejaymo
Suckers List: How Allstate’s Secret Auto Insurance Algorithm Squeezes Big Spenders – The Markup
Insurers are supposed to price based on risk, but Allstate’s algorithm put a thumb on the scale
data  pricing  ml  algorithm  discrimination  price  insurance  capitalism 
3 days ago by ivar
Forget London House Prices. Take a Look at Paris and Dublin - Bloomberg
UBS recently ranked Paris the most unaffordable major city in the world, bar Hong Kong, estimating a skilled worker needed 15 years’ worth of wages to afford a 60-square-meter (646-square-foot) centrally-located flat. To be clear, one square foot of prime Parisian property is cheaper in U.S. dollar terms than San Francisco, London or New York. But the gap is narrowing. Even in the face of protests and strikes, the French capital’s prime residential market rose 6.4% last year and may rise 5.9% this year, outperforming other big global cities, according to Savills. Paris property prices have more than doubled in 15 years, and the average price per square meter is up 19% since 2016, according to Century 21.
housing  pricing  growth  review  critique  Paris  London  SanFrancisco  HongKong  bubble  comparison  Bloomberg  2020 
10 days ago by inspiral

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