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The Principle of "It's Not Just What You Do, It's How You Do It"

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6 days ago by wlanderson
Strategic Plan/What do we believe?-Principles of the Wikimedia movement - Strategic Planning
We are the Wikimedia movement. Our movement includes:

Millions of individuals contributing worldwide (editors, developers, donors, and other volunteers).
Like-minded organizations (such as Creative Commons, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and others that are focused on promoting and increasing access to free information for education and culture).
The Wikimedia chapters that exist in 29 countries today, and those in the process of forming.
The Wikimedia Foundation.
The vast number of people throughout the world who visit, read, make use of, build upon, enrich, and in turn share the knowledge in our projects.
The Wikimedia experiment has been far more successful than anyone anticipated it would be when it was launched less than a decade ago. It is the result of the many contributions, large and small, that millions have made. Our future successes hinge on the continued health, openness and expansion of this movement.
Principles  Values  MovementStrategy  2009 
7 days ago by Audiences
I Can’t Find It in Me to Defend Alex Jones (CounterPunch)
Duly noted. We suggest no one has to defend Mr. Jones, merely the rights he and we all share and any risk put to those rights while trying to deal with scum like Jones. As others have written, one might better see if Jones survives the tests of libel, slander, or some other offense — like a specific threat — as merely deplorable speech is tricky and a shifting target.
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8 days ago by mjb
Amazon, Airbnb, and Asos are all investing in this one simple design i
RT @karrio: Service design has been one of the greatest disruptive forces in our lives over the past 20 years: #servicedesign
servicedesign  principles  design  cx 
8 days ago by garcon
A Better Way to Ban Alex Jones (The New York Times)
"There are reasons to be deeply concerned that the tech companies banned Alex Jones. In short, the problem isn’t exactly what they did, it’s why they did it."
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10 days ago by mjb

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