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Turn your pictures into Polaroid-like printable photos for FREE |
Create your own Polaroid-like photographs from any digital picture to print at home or at a photolab 🤳🖨️✂️🖼️
printable  printables  print  printyourown  printing  photo  phototools 
yesterday by tribbles
Year of the Meteor
In addition to the print offerings, Year of the Meteor is also an email newsletter, inaugurated with this message.
publishing  risograph  print  story  newsletter  fiction 
3 days ago by fdedic
Draw Cut Ink Press - Lino Printing Website
Lino Printing as experienced by a returning creative
linocut  printmaking  block  print 
6 days ago by pixelfish22
PDF Newspaper |
Create printable PDFs from web articles or feeds. Choose from 2-column A4 layout, or single-column A5 layout.
tools  printable  toolstouse  print  printing  printyourown  readlater 
6 days ago by tribbles
This is a free software web service that allows you to generate maps of cities using OpenStreetMap data. The generated maps are available in PNG, PDF and SVG formats and are ready to be printed.
osm  openstreetmap  generator  print 
7 days ago by habi
Newspaper Club
Molly: "They are based in Glasgow however their shipping to the US is prompt and free past a certain threshold. I highly, highly recommend that you order one of their free sample packs first. It’s invaluable for choosing the paper type you get, and also showing you design tips like how various font sizes and colors will look when printed on newsprint."
print  tools 
7 days ago by ingenu

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