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Modern Farmer Plows Ahead
Each issue of Modern Farmer, the stylish agrarian quarterly, has an austere portrait of an animal on the cover
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december 2014 by brendanmcfadden
Mail Connected
Info on advertising in the Daily Mail, including ratecards etc.
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may 2013 by griffinkate
New Model Journalism
Website exploring how modern journalism is paid for and how it's done.
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january 2013 by griffinkate
How Much Will it Cost to Launch My Magazine?
Based on the Form 990 filed by Mother Jones that same year, the publishing expenses were about $7 million dollars: $1,900,000 for staff salaries, taxes, benefits; $800,000 for articles and artwork from outside contributors; just over $1.2 million for Paper, printing, postage; about $2.2 million for Circulation marketing and fulfillment; and $900,000 for overhead expenses.

In the same year, the magazine reported total subscription and advertising revenues of $4,600,000, which means there was a deficit in 2004 of about $2,400,000 that was paid from grants, donations, and other resources of the nonprofit organization.

Does salary, benefits, and overhead have to be so high? I feel like there's some lean way to getting to a great magazine. Definitely need $3M - $6M upstart dollars initially per year over a three year period. $9M - $18M figure. You'd have to be generating $3M,$ $6M and then $10M in revenue by each ascending year.

This figure changes if you are lean. I think the investment goes into the talent for design, freelance support, and the focus on quality as well as programming the cross-channel user experience.
printmedia  publishingbusiness  magazine  startupcosts  costs  financials 
march 2012 by mkaps

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