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When a Reform Prosecutor Stands Up to the Death Penalty
"Florida’s experiment with capital punishment is a similar failure. Of the 992 people sentenced to death since 1976, 88 have been executed; just 9 percent of the total. Meanwhile, 528 of them — 53 percent — have been released from their death sentences. The vast majority of those individuals have been resentenced to life behind bars, either with or without the possibility of parole. Fifty-nine people once condemned have been released from prison, including 23 who were exonerated. Florida has the highest number of death-row exonerations in the country."
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Carceral Capitalism: A Conversation with Jackie Wang - Los Angeles Review of Books
Great question. There are some techno-critics who are also techno-optimists, in that they believe algorithmic bias can be corrected through the collection of clean, accurate data. Dirty data would be, say, the data on sexual violence manipulated by the Baltimore Police Department in order to bolster their appearance of being efficacious and responsive. Good datasets would consist of data that gives us some kind of accurate snapshot of the world based on records that have not been tampered with. When it comes to policing, I don’t think it makes sense to uncritically make appeals for better data collection (unless it’s on police conduct!), as such appeals will necessarily expand the domain of policing, and create a more totalizing surveillance state.

As I mention in the book, populations that are not heavily policed fail to generate reams of data. Who collects data, what they will use the data for, what their motivations are, what categories are being used for data collection — all of these factors reveal that data is always-already political. Why is it that only the rich have maintained their right to opacity? Maybe if the context in which data collection took place was not defined by capitalism and white supremacy, we could start thinking about other
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Can basketball reduce gun violence? It did in Richmond, Virginia.
"The league is really about intervening in young men’s lives, about giving them a glimpse of their own humanity, about forgiving others and forgiving yourself, and finding in that forgiveness a way forward."
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3 days ago by cera
How McKinsey Helped the Trump Administration Detain and Deport Immigrants — ProPublica
Newly uncovered documents show the consulting giant helped ICE find “detention savings opportunities” — including some that the agency’s staff viewed as too harsh on immigrants.
fascism  ice  trump  cbp  gop  obama  mckinsey  prison  deportation  genocide  ethniccleansing 
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RT : Ahmed Douma, prominent , today completes 6 full years of prison time in solitary confinement. He was sentenced…
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