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A new AI method can train on medical records without revealing patient data - MIT Technology Review
When Google announced that it would absorb DeepMind’s health division, it sparked a major controversy over data privacy.
privacy  privacy-stats  ai  data-access  anonymisation  health 
1 minute ago by jackhardinges
Reconciling Mozilla's Mission and W3C EME - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
May 19 Update: We've added an FAQ below the text of the original post to address some of the questions and comments Mozilla has received regarding EME. With most competing ...
mozilla  privacy  drm  firefox  EME  adobe  browser  web  copyright 
4 hours ago by AstroBadger
Privacy Tools - Encryption Against Global Mass Surveillance
You are being watched! Knowledge, encryption and privacy tools to protect you against global mass surveillance.
privacy  information_security  lists  online 
8 hours ago by boscage
The Business of Selling Your Location - The Daily
A New York Times investigation has found that the information being collected about us through apps on our smartphones is far more extensive than most of us imagine — or are aware we have consented to. Guests: Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Natasha Singer and Michael H. Keller, reporters who cover technology for The Times; and Gabriel J.X. Dance, deputy investigations editor. For more information on today’s episode, visit note about this episode: The Times identified a smal…
10 hours ago by jellis
Audit: No Chinese surveillance implants in Supermicro boards found | Ars Technica
In letter to customers, company declares no evidence supporting Bloomberg report.
In a letter to customers issued December 11, Supermicro President and CEO Charles Liang and other top executives announced that an audit conducted by an outside investigating team had found no evidence of any malicious hardware incorporated into motherboards currently or previously manufactured by the company. The letter is the latest rebuttal to Bloomberg reports in October that claimed tiny chips that provided a backdoor for China's intelligence agencies had been integrated into boards provided to major Internet and cloud providers—a report also refuted by the companies the report claimed were targeted.
"After a thorough examination and a range of functional tests, the investigative firm found absolutely no evidence of malicious hardware on our motherboards," the letter signed by Liang, Supermicro Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer David Weigland, and Senior VP and Chief Product Officer Raju Penumatcha stated. "These findings were no surprise to us... We appreciate the industry support regarding this matter from many of our customers, like Apple and AWS. We are also grateful for numerous senior government officials, including representatives of the Department of Homeland Security, the director of National Intelligence, and the director of the FBI, who early on appropriately questioned the truth of the media reports."
amazon  apple  china  chip  hack  privacy  security  server  supply_chain 
11 hours ago by rgl7194

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