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The Socialist Party of /r/ModelUSGov needs your support : WikiLeaks
Hello friends,

I'm /u/daytonanerd and I'm representing the Socialist Party in /r/ModelUSGov. ModelUSGov is a political simulation of, as you would expect, the United States Government on Reddit where we debate, legislate, and vote. We are having our elections now and we really need your support. There are many different parties in the simulation, some of which are very resistant to government transparency measures, which our party firmly supports, and we are competing to defend our excellent social programs, to protect LGBT+ and ethnic minorities, and to implement socialism, as our name tells you.

We are a great group of passionate political enthusiasts and socialists, and we'd love your support in our elections. We are running lots of excellent candidates, especially in Great Lakes (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan), Western State (California, Oregon, Alaska) and The Atlantic Commonwealth (New York, Massachusetts) , but we are running in every state.


Thank you so much,


Central Committee of the Socialist Party
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20 hours ago by Buffalo_Goku
paulgb/BarbBlock: Chrome extension which blocks requests to sites which have used legal threats to remove themselves from other blacklists.
BarbBlock - Chrome extension which blocks requests to sites which have used legal threats to remove themselves from other blacklists.
adblock  ublock  chrome  opensource  privacy  blacklists 
21 hours ago by e2b
RT : : settles allegations that it made deceptive & claims:…
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22 hours ago by douglevin
Onavo: Eine VPN-App spioniert für Facebook | ZEIT ONLINE
Je mehr offene WLAN-Hotspots es gibt, desto wichtiger werden auch VPN-Apps. Sie schirmen Nutzer vor Schnüfflern im Netzwerk ab. Die von Onavo aber tut noch etwas anderes.
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23 hours ago by jchris — Ethical Design Manifesto
Human Rights

Technology that respects human rights is decentralised, peer-to-peer, zero-knowledge, end-to-end encrypted, free and open source, interoperable, accessible, and sustainable.

It respects and protects your civil liberties, reduces inequality, and benefits democracy.

Human Effort

Technology that respects human effort is functional, convenient, and reliable.

It is thoughtful and accommodating; not arrogant or demanding. It understands that you might be distracted or differently-abled. It respects the limited time you have on this planet.

Human Experience

Technology that respects human experience is beautiful, magical, and delightful.

It just works. It’s intuitive. It’s invisible. It recedes into the background of your life. It gives you joy. It empowers you with superpowers. It puts a smile on your face and makes your life better.
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yesterday by abberdab
Tech companies urge Supreme Court to boost cellphone privacy
More than a dozen high technology companies and the biggest wireless operator in the United States, Verizon Communications Inc (VZ.N), have called on the U.S. Supreme Court to make it harder for government officials to access individuals' sensitive cellphone data.
Google  clippings  ACLU  mobile+phones  privacy  civil+liberties  Verizon  Apple 
yesterday by mjb
Temp Mail - Disposable Temporary Email
Keep spam out of your mail and stay safe - just use a disposable temporary email address! Protect your personal email address from spam with Temp-mail
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yesterday by vloux
Justice demands 1.3M IP addresses related to Trump resistance site
Web hosting provider challenging request for info on anti-Trump website used to organize Inauguration protests.
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yesterday by mjb
US government demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website | World news | The Guardian
US gov demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website <- Start to protect yourself
privacy  uspol  from twitter
yesterday by kimelmose
Justice demands 1.3M IP addresses related to Trump resistance site | TheHill
The Department of Justice has requested information on visitors to a website used to organize protests against President Trump, the Los Angeles-based Dreamhost said in a blog post published on Monday.

Dreamhost, a web hosting provider, said that it has been working with the Department of Justice for several months on the request, which believes goes too far under the Constitution.

DreamHost claimed that the complying with the request from the Justice Department would amount to handing over roughly 1.3 million visitor IP addresses to the government, in addition to contact information, email content and photos of thousands of visitors to the website, which was involved in organizing protests against Trump on Inauguration Day.
“That information could be used to identify any individuals who used this site to exercise and express political speech protected under the Constitution’s First Amendment,” DreamHost wrote in the blog post on Monday. “That should be enough to set alarm bells off in anyone’s mind.” 
2017-08  police_state  privacy  constitution  law  civilrights  government  politics 
yesterday by Weaverbird

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