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Getting started and would appreciate any help : privacytoolsIO
Really take time to think about your thread model. Most of us have no reason to be scared of 3 letter agencies and simply try to avoid giving the big companies a lot of data.
1 hour ago by geraldo.medrano
macOS DNS hi-jacker | Mac Virus
Analysis of malware Patrick calls OSX/MaMi. Irritatingly, he presents hashes as screendumps rather than text, but if I have transcribed it correctly it’s SHA-256 5586be30d505216bdc912605481f9c8c7bfd52748f66c5e212160f6b31fd8571, detected at time of writing by 28 out of 58 engines, according to VirusTotal.
NB: VT doesn’t use all the functionality of the engines it uses, so it’s possible that some other engines will block/detect it even though they aren’t yet listed there, but the figures do at least give some idea of how many products have added detection since Patrick originally checked.
DNS  mac  malware  privacy  security 
yesterday by rgl7194
Help - I need facts - convincing my sister of the truth : WikiLeaks
Hey All -I am trying to find a way to red pill my sister with wikileaks and the ensuing insanity with the implications of the truth. We had a heated conversation where she was clearly not informed on the ways of the work. Is there a link out there that will show mainstream media legitimizing what wikileaks has post so that i can continue the conversation with her?

My approach - 1. convince her that wikileaks is 100% truth 2. take her down the rabbit hole that is the crazy we all know

Anything i can point to that is mainstream media related?
News  wikileaks  reddit  internet  privacy 
yesterday by Buffalo_Goku

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