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Jupyter Notebook Viewer
This notebook covers the basics of probability theory, with Python 3 implementations. (You should have some background in probability and Python.) Probability ... via Pocket
Pocket  probability  programming  python 
3 days ago by traggett
Probability Primer - YouTube
A series of videos giving an introduction to some of the basic definitions, notation, and concepts one would encounter in a 1st year graduate probability course.

Videos less than 15 minutes each.
probability  math  statistics  video  elearning  towatch 
3 days ago by lena
platt scaling | Daniel Nee
platt scaling for probability calibration . includes r code
r  stats  statistics  prediction  probability  classification 
6 days ago by w1nt3rmut3
Darts, dice, and coins
An explanation of the method for simulating categorical distributions.
sampling  probability  math  statistics 
10 days ago by lucastheis

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