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Creating SVGs with Processing
I’ve been experimenting with creating SVGs programmatically, which opens up a world of possibilities. It allows patterns, shapes, and compositions that would not be easy or possible by hand. The results can then be imported into Illustrator, Sketch or your design tool of choice, augmenting their features.
processing  coding  svg 
19 hours ago by lenciel
pachyderm/examples/ml/rnn at master · pachyderm/pachyderm
Reproducible Data Science at Scale! Contribute to pachyderm/pachyderm development by creating an account on GitHub.
data  data-pipeline  deep-learning  kubernetes  k8s  data-processing  processing  workflow  data-science 
2 days ago by nharbour
Retrobatch, from Flying Meat
Retrobatch is a unique application for automating actions to tens, hundreds, and even thousands of images at the same time
image  retrobatch  processing 
8 days ago by Gr8whitenorth
thedevsaddam/gojsonq: A simple Go package to Query over JSON/YAML/XML/CSV Data
A simple Go package to Query over JSON/YAML/XML/CSV Data - thedevsaddam/gojsonq
type:library  lang:go  data  processing  json  csv  yaml  xml 
9 days ago by endorama

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