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Visual Programming | Bubble
I upvoted Bubble 2.0 on Product Hunt: Build and host web applications without having to write code at July 18, 2018 at 02:31PM
Product  Hunt  Web  App  APIs  Prototyping  Developer  Tools  Tech 
15 hours ago by iamthefury
Can vendors like Workday, Salesforce ever get enough AI?
"As Salesforce buys Datorama and Workday acquires, we ask can enterprise application vendors ever get enough AI in their product portfolios?"
As  Salesforce  buys  Datorama  and  Workday  acquires  we  ask  can  enterprise  application  vendors  ever  get  enough  AI  in  their  product  portfolios?analytics  planning  data  analysis  cloud  erp  financials  supply  chain  crm  customer  experience  future  of  work  machine  intelligence  user 
22 hours ago by jonerp
Tech Notes: Why not add an option for that?
Good advice about the maintainability of a system long term. Options have real costs and can be a maintenance and usability burden.
design  ux  product  programming  software  usability 
yesterday by jefframnani
Fitness ad banner designs for Instagram and Facebook
Purchase these fifteen beautifully designed IG and FB newsfeed designs for your fitness product ads. Create creative fitness ads or informative health and fitness ads with these bright and beautiful designs. Or use them for fitness ad banners, fitness Instagram ad banners and FB fitness ad banners.
creative  fitness  ads  health  and  ad  banners  product  instagram  fb  banners. 
yesterday by ArjunDoto
SEO Pricing in 2018: How much do SEO services cost?
Get detailed pricing information for SEO services in 2018. Our cost data outlines how much you should pay for SEO services.
seo  plan  comparison  chart  table  product  sales 
yesterday by foss99
PMs: Share Outcomes With Your Team – Hacker Noon
PMs: Share Outcomes With Your Team – Hacker Noon
outcomes  product  impact  share 
2 days ago by kristofa
The P Rules
Well, my leadership team and I soon learned that people hated our reviews. Folks who hadn't even been to one feared them by reputation. Why? We were overzealous about our own contributions and under-appreciative of the presenting team, which was disrespectful. Luckily, several regular attendees gave us that feedback and we were able to turn things around with what I call “The P Rules,” which I left written on our whiteboard for years.
product-management  product 
2 days ago by 1luke2

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