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4 days ago by schraeds
Christophe Guberan: Active materials research
Swiss product designer Christophe Guberan (ECAL) splits his time between commercial projects and material research with MIT. Guberan’s work centres around research into active materials: materials that can self transform with energy that comes from water, heat or the sun.
ecalRelated  2018-MID  ProductDesign 
7 weeks ago by chrstphggnrd
ECAL Digital Market
Professeur(s): Camille Blin
En partenariat avec la marque d’imprimantes 3D Formlabs, les étudiants du Master Design de Produit de l’ECAL présentent des objets du quotidien, fabriqués par le biais d’une print farm au sein de l’exposition et vendus directement sur place.
Nouveaux modes de création/distribution // print-on-demand
2018-MID  ProductDesign 
7 weeks ago by chrstphggnrd
AI UX: 7 Principles of Designing Good AI Products
One thing we can learn from the latest fatal Tesla accident: AI and machine learning products need very careful designing. In this article, I will go through the seven basic AI UX principles products should follow.
With the arrival of AI products, we enter a new era where machines start to behave differently. They not only perform our orders, but they do things by themselves. This will change how people react, how we behave and what we expect from these products. As designers, we aim to create useful, easy-to-understand products in order to bring clarity to this shady new world of machine learning. Most importantly, we want to use the power of AI to make people’s lives easier and more joyful.
AI  designprinciples  productdesign  machine-learning  article  Prototyping 
8 weeks ago by gwippich
When your design system fails – Product Design @ Paperless Post – Medium
But defining the components of your design system is just the first step. It has to make its way into the product. If it doesn’t, a design system is like a language with no extant literature or seminal texts.
designsystems  governance  maintenance  productdesign  design 
12 weeks ago by beep

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