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How to be More Productive by Using the “Eisenhower Box”
Learn how to be more productive by using a decision making matrix called the Eisenhower Matrix. (Plus, get a free template of the Eisenhower Box I use.)
productivity  idea  eisenhower  matrix 
6 hours ago by t27
The Decision Matrix: How to Prioritize What Matters
The decision matrix is a powerful tool to help you prioritize which decisions deserve your attention as a leader, and which should be delegated. Here’s how you can start using it today.
productivity  leadership  prioritisation  business  decisions 
12 hours ago by garrettc
No Time to Read This? Read This
"…I asked a half-dozen executive coaches to help me pick the most widely used time-management systems—not just software tools or high-tech to-do lists, but behavioral-change techniques that help people get organized, clarify thinking and increase output. Then, I tried out for a week each of the three methods they mentioned most often—including one that involved a ticking plastic tomato."
advice  GTD  workflow  worklife  productivity 
17 hours ago by Cervus
11 Tips for Working on the iPad – MacStories
11 Tips for Working on the iPad - Added April 12, 2018 at 11:53AM
ipad  productivity  read2of 
18 hours ago by xenocid
Wharton's top professor says America should shorten the work day by 2 hours
"We can be as productive and creative in 6 focused hours as in 8 unfocused hours," says Adam Grant.
business  productivity 
yesterday by jellis

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