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Gherkin for Business Analysts
Gherkin is a language used to write acceptance tests. BA's use Gherkin to specify how they want the system to behave in certain scenarios... It’s a simple language. There are 10 key words (e.g. Given, When, Then). Because it’s a simple language, it’s understandable by the business. As well as being understandable by the business, Gherkin can be understood by an automation tool called Cucumber. That means Cucumber can interpret Gherkin and use it to drive automated tests. This links BA requireme
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4 days ago by gabormolnar
BDD 101: Writing Good Gherkin | Automation Panda
Writing good feature files is harder that you think. Follow these tried-and-true best practices to write Gherkin like a pro.
gherkin  productmanagement 
4 days ago by gabormolnar
Specify Business Rules by Example | It's a Delivery Thing
If you are going to use Specification by Example then start by specifying the business rules
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4 days ago by gabormolnar
The ML Surprise – The Launchpad – Medium
zation at a rate unmatched by software infrastructure for brute force data collection and management. Like the broccoli ice cream — there is usually not that much ML in an end-to-end ML system.

Secondly, the path of implementing ML (asking questions about your customers, building infrastructure to collect, interpret and act upon that data, etc.) is valuable, regardless of whether or not ML is actually implemented in the end. Not every problem has an ML-powered solution, but many do, and even those that do not will benefit from this jour
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8 days ago by pskomoroch

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