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Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan - The Atlantic
Interesting thesis, including comparisons to Picard. Also amusing what they get wrong about the cloud.
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3 days ago by UltraNurd
Caroline Calloway Isn’t a Scammer - The Atlantic
The Caroline Calloway Saga
All influencers live on the knife’s edge. To display the details of an appealing life is to gather fans and jealous toads at about a 5-to-1 ratio. Get big enough, and then make a mistake, and the toads will rise up.
Female internet rage is not nearly as frightening as male internet rage, which can include threats of extreme violence and sexual harm. But what it lacks in physical threats, it can make up for in intensity. Once it is unleashed on a new victim, all she can really do is lie low and wait it out; although, this is not the way of an Instagrammer, who inevitably prolongs the attack by repeatedly posting about it.
The venom of her former friend and ghostwriter Natalie Beach's essay (here)in no way matches her claims against Caroline, which amount to these: For a short period, Natalie helped edit Caroline’s posts, a service for which she was compensated, and she ghostwrote the book proposal, for which she requested the astronomical fee of 35 percent. For the toads, this news of a ghostwriter was the last straw. Caroline’s creativity workshops had been a scam, and now it seemed that she herself was a fraud.
The rest of the toads came up when her book deal was pulled, she had to pay part of the advance back, and her creative workshops bombed
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4 days ago by christopherming
The Two Sides of Diego Maradona | Brian Phillips
The lifelong story of Maradona is that the more broken and ugly something is when it enters his sphere of influence, the more beautiful and joyous that thing tends to become. The opposite is also very often true.
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12 days ago by pnjman
Fascinating interview with Bob Iger. Connect to other books I’ve read.
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14 days ago by christopherming
Lauren Duca’s Book Isn’t The Revolution She Wanted
Scaachi Koul's profile on Lauren Duca was easily the best profile I read all week. With her new book, Lauren Duca wants to galvanize young people, but past controversies — and a complaint filed by her New York University students — threaten to undermine her message.
There's this gem, which I agree with: “I think that they’re fucking corny. They’re making fun of me — for putting Twitter on my syllabus — on Twitter, which is the only place they have a voice,” Duca said. “I wish the people who spent a ton of time criticizing me would use that energy to make a thing. To have an idea.”
And then the case of her syllabus, which is facing massive ridicule on the Internets ( For the record, I've been in at least two Journalism classes that sounded less interesting than this.
If students didn't like the contents of the syllabus, instead of taking to Twitter or filing a complaint, they could have done what anyone other student does: withdraw from the class.
18 days ago by christopherming
Jack Conte, Patreon, and the Plight of the Creative Class | WIRED
Is Patreon funding the creative class or merely subsidizing the revenue-sharing model of behemoth distribution platforms like YouTube? This profile is a terrific existential examination of the platform for creatives (my favorite vignette is how they essentially reverse-engineered an origin story to launch the platform and drum up a rally cry for creatives).
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18 days ago by christopherming
50 books, 50 days and a car named Thunder: Columbus native takes cross-country trip to nation’s bookstores
Behind the airbrushed vanity plate on the front of the white 1995 Mercury Tracer sits a 24-year-old author with a suitcase, a cooler and 50 copies of his self-published book, “2084.” When Mason Engel pulls out of the driveway of his parents’ home in Columbus, he’ll embark on a 50-day, cross-country journey to visit 50
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18 days ago by thejaymo
Centralised DoH is bad for privacy, in 2019 and beyond | PowerDNS Blog
Recently, Mozilla announced it would be moving Firefox DNS lookups to Cloudflare by default, for its American audience. There will be a notification about this for existing users, at which point they could choose to go back to provider DNS. But crucially, there will be no opt-in: it is Cloudflare by default, using a technology…
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18 days ago by ivar
Home - MySudo
Use your Sudo for sign-ups, downloads or anytime you need to provide a phone number and/or email address
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19 days ago by PinMarco
100,000 AI-Generated Faces – Free to Download!
To give you a glimpse of what we have been working on we created a free resource of 100k high-quality faces. Every image was generated by our internal AI systems as it continually improves. Use them in your presentations, projects, mockups or wherever — all for just a link back to us!
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19 days ago by PinMarco

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