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bnoordhuis/node-heapdump: Make a dump of the V8 heap for later inspection.
Make a dump of the V8 heap for later inspection. Contribute to bnoordhuis/node-heapdump development by creating an account on GitHub.
memory  debug  debugging  nodejs  heap  javascript  profiling 
yesterday by amason
How to use Diago to diagnose CPU and memory usage in Go programs
Diago is a visualization tool for profiles and heap snapshots generated with pprof. It is a stand-alone application displaying a call tree of the CPU usage per functions (or per line of codes in functions) but also capable of displaying heap snapshots. We’ll see in this short article how to use Diago to get more insight in your Go programs and to help you debug them.
go  golang  profiling  debugging  optimization  pprof  visualization  memory 
4 days ago by dlkinney
XHProfLive: Continuous function-level performance stats from production - Facebook Engineering
XHProfLive continually gathers function-level profiles from production by running a sample of requests under XHProf. XHProfLive then aggregates/rolls up these individual profiles by various dimensions such as time, page and data center and can help answer a variety of questions such as: “What is the function-level profile for a specific page?”, “How expensive is a function across the entire site, or on a specific page?”, “What functions regressed most in the last hour/day/week?”, and so on.
facebook  engineering  profiling  performance  xhproflive 
4 days ago by devin
linux - Run perf without root-rights - Super User
"I have an application I would like to benchmark which doesn't need root and I don't want to run it as root to benchmark it."
sysadmin  linux  performance  profiling 
5 days ago by ddribin
Linux Profiling tools and techniques
"GNU/Linux profiling and monitoring tools are currently progressing rapidly, and are in some flux, but I'll summarise the readily available utils below."
programming  linux  profiling  tools  sysadmin 
5 days ago by ddribin
Cheap tricks for high-performance Rust - Pascal’s Scribbles
So you’re writing Rust but it’s not fast enough?Even though you’re using cargo build --release?Here’s some small things you can do to increase the runtime speed of a Rust project– practically without changing any code!
rust  optimization  profiling  rustlang  tricks 
6 days ago by dialtone
Is It Snappy?
Measure per-frame time using iPhone camera
ios  profiling 
9 days ago by mblsha

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