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The Observation Deck » Falling in love with Rust
These values reflect a deeper sense within me: that software can be permanent — that software’s unique duality as both information and machine afford a timeless perfection and utility that stand apart from other human endeavor. In this regard, I have believed (and continue to believe) that we are living in a Golden Age of software, one that will produce artifacts that will endure for generations. Of course, it can be hard to hold such heady thoughts when we seem to be up to our armpits in vendored flotsam, flooded by sloppy abstractions hastily implemented. Among current languages, only Rust seems to share this aspiration for permanence, with a perspective that is decidedly larger than itself.
Rust  programming  programming-language  software 
3 days ago by basus
gln - OpenGL Next, functional programming
A wrapper around OpenGL aimed to improve the dev experience by making gl code compact, easier (also allocation-wise) and type-safe (by converting those gl int constants into enums).
Kotlin  graphics  programming-language  DSL  opensource 
7 days ago by liqweed
Compiler Explorer
Compiler Explorer is an interactive online compiler which shows the assembly output of compiled C, C++, Rust, Go, D, Haskell, Swift, Pascal & CUDA code.
programming-language  compilers 
19 days ago by spl
Jolie Programming Language - Native microservice programming
The first language for Microservices. Jolie crystallises the programming concepts of microservices as native language features: the basic building blocks of software are not objects or functions, but rather services that can always be relocated and replicated as needed. Distribution and reusability are achieved by design.

Jolie is a service-oriented language. Built for the networked age: distributable by design. Jolie code is always contained in services, which you can always move from being local to remote and vice versa, without altering the logic of your programs. A monolithical application can scale to being distributed by design: if you decide to distribute a part of it, just take it and execute it in another machine.
programming-language  microservices  distributed  opensource 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Eta Programming Language - Haskell on the JVM
A pure, lazy, strongly typed functional programming language on the JVM. It brings two big ecosystems, the JVM and Haskell, together. This allows you to harness the best of both ecosystems to build your applications quickly and effectively. Eta's concurrency support helps you to build highly scalable systems.
functional-programming  programming-language  JVM  opensource  distributed  concurrency 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Julia 1.0
The much anticipated 1.0 release of Julia is the culmination of nearly a decade of work to build a language for greedy programmers. JuliaCon2018 celebrated the event with a reception where the community officially set the version to 1.0.0 together.
programming-language  Julia-language  to-do  to-write-about 
4 weeks ago by Vaguery
graydon2 | "What next?"
"What next?" - Added January 02, 2018 at 12:05PM
5 weeks ago by xenocid
Inko Programming Language
Inko is a gradually-typed, safe, object-oriented programming language for writing concurrent programs.

VM written in Rust
programming-language  programming  language  virtual-machine  Rust 
6 weeks ago by chris_johnsen
Inko Programming Language
Concurrent and safe object-oriented programming, without the headaches.
programming-language  actors 
6 weeks ago by kballard

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