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cfib90 / ojoc-keyhack — Bitbucket
jodel  programming  api 
1 hour ago by the-kenny
Web Concepts: Overview
This is an overview of 33 Web Concepts (with a total of 756 distinct values) that have been harvested from all available specifications:
programming  web  standard  http 
1 hour ago by pupi
Craft and deploy bulletproof embedded software in Elixir
"Pack your whole application into as little as 12MB and have it start in seconds by booting a lean cross-compiled Linux directly to the battle-hardened Erlang VM. Let Nerves take care of the network, discovery, I/O, firmware updates, and more. Focus on what matters, and have fun writing robust and maintainable software."
erlang  iot  raspberrypi  programming  runtime  elilxir  hardware 
2 hours ago by garrettc

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