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How to Set Up HVLP Spray Guns
Confused on how to set up hvlp spray guns? We tell you what hvlp means, what all you need, and show you how to set it up.

Third, lets set it up!

You need to set up your gun everytime you are going to use it. Differences in humidity, temp, etc. will affect how your gun shoots that day. So let's learn how to set it up...

Tape a piece of masking paper on the wall. This is for your spray test. (It's how you set up HVLP spray guns.)

Now set your pressure at the gun inlet. Use your air regulator with gauge that you attached to the gun. You want to set it with the trigger pulled. Set it about 50 psi on the gauge to start. Your gun may have a maximum psi, but they are often on the low side. Most people usually run them from 40 psi to 60 psi. Close the air volume control knob (it's usually the one beside where the air hose enters the gun) and then with the trigger pulled, open it to the point where the air volume starts to stay the same (just listen to it) and then stop.

That should set your air pressure and volume.

Now open up your fan control knob (it's usually the top one or it's on the side) all the way and then you can turn it down a little. What you're shooting for is a fan about 6 inches tall with the gun about 6 inches from the surface. 6" at 6".

Now screw the material knob (usually the second one down) in lightly until it seats. Now unscrew it about 2 1/2 turns.

Now we're ready to test! Hold your gun at the paper on the wall like you're going to paint it. Hold it at 6 inches right now. Now what you want to do is pull the trigger all the way in for a split second then close it. You want a wide open to completely closed in one quick movement.

What you should see now is a cigar shaped pattern on the paper. Turn your fan control knob in until you get it about 6 inches tall at 6 inches from the paper.

That should set your fan control. Now leave it alone! If you change it, you change the psi at the cap. Then you would have to start all over.

Now hold your gun about 8 or 9 inches from the paper. This is the distance you want to spray at. (Your pattern will now be longer since you are farther away from the paper. It should be 8-10 inches long.) Now test it again. You should have a cigar shaped pattern with full coverage in a cigar shape in the center with fading coverage going away from the full coverage. The fading coverage you see going away from the center are what you will use to "tune" your gun. It should look something like this:
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2 days ago by rmohns
Teardrop Trailer Tiny Home
This little camper was my tiny home for a summer while I worked remotely and traveled around the National Parks and Rocky Mountains.The original post came from a post on, and I am indebted to all the people who posted their tutorials.

As with any big project, it really pays to plan ahead and think through your design. I recommend buying a graphing paper notebook (or using SketchUp free software) and drawing to scale.Make your design unique! If you have access to a CNC machine, you can plan out super cool designs (design idea 2). Spend time thinking about the elliptical--or teardrop shape--design. Not only will a great shape have that iconic aesthetic, but it will improve aerodynamics and therefore fuel efficiency. You'll make friends wherever you go with a beautiful design because people will just come up and talk to you about it!
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2 days ago by rmohns
Borderlands Archives Cartography
Borderlands Archives Cartography (BAC) was founded in February 2017 by borderland natives Maira E. Álvarez and Sylvia A. Fernández. BAC is a project that consists of a digital map which displays a U.S.-Mexico border newspapers cartography that records geographic locations of nineteenth and mid-twentieth century periodicals. It is a personal initiative and it does not have any form of funding or financial support.
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4 days ago by jshhnn
BigDIVA (Big Data Infrastructure Visualization Application) is a dynamic environment for browsing, searching, and interacting with the ARC (Advanced Research Consortium) catalog.This interface allows users to view all their search results at once rather than paging through endless lists of returns and hoping the search engine has put the most relevant items towards the top.
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4 days ago by jshhnn
View-Through is a community-based initiative in the Miami area to adjust the language used around incarceration on online search platforms. Our project utilizes synchronized, strategic internet searching to alter search predictions (the type-ahead suggestions that appear on sites such as Google). These predictions are generated by algorithms and are based in large part on search volume within a geographic region.
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4 days ago by jshhnn
Torn Apart / Separados
Volume 2 of Torn Apart is a deep and radically new look at the territory and infrastructure of ICE’s financial regime in the USA. This data & visualization intervention peels back layers of culpability behind the humanitarian crisis of 2018.
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4 days ago by jshhnn

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