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Promotions and the Peter Principle* | The Quarterly Journal of Economics | Oxford Academic
"The best worker is not always the best candidate for manager. In these cases, do firms promote the best potential manager or the best worker in their current job? Using microdata on the performance of sales workers at 131 firms, we find evidence consistent with the Peter Principle, which proposes that firms prioritize current job performance in promotion decisions at the expense of other observable characteristics that better predict managerial performance. We estimate that the costs of promoting workers with lower managerial potential are high, suggesting either that firms are making inefficient promotion decisions or that the benefits of promotion-based incentives are great enough to justify the costs of managerial mismatch. We find that firms manage the costs of the Peter Principle by placing less weight on sales performance in promotion decisions when managerial roles entail greater responsibility and when frontline workers are incentivized by strong pay for performance."

personnel-economics  QJE  kelly.shue  alan.benson  firms  promotions 
13 days ago by MarcK
Jimmy John's Is Buying Someone a House
JJ did something extra well here. Not only is the idea creative, the execution good, and the newsworthiness present, they begin this message with JJ only delivers with 5 minutes of a store for fast and fresh. Everyone learns that in the first 10 secs of the process, whether they enter or not. That's hard to do and not seem over the top.
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8 weeks ago by JohnDrake
Reality check on promotions – And Vijay Says…
Promotions are hard for the employee and the employer. Unless its the first couple of levels in the organizational ladder, there is always a lot of subjectivity that goes into the process from both sides. Even when a company says it is all data driven - it is often the case that subjective decisions (…
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8 weeks ago by ese
S$1,999 Canon EOS RP Launches in Singapore; Pre-order Bundle Promotions
The Canon EOS RP is the company’s smallest, lightest full-frame EOS camera, coming to Singapore and available for pre-order immediately at a very competitive price (body-only) of SGD 1,999. Pre-order bundle promotional prices are available at the end of the article. Building on the success of the EOS R, with its superior dual pixel autofocus...

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S$1  999  Canon  EOS  RP  Launches  in  Singapore;  Pre-order  Bundle  Promotions 
february 2019 by vrzone
3 Reasons to Plan Your Next Event with FORMost Events and Promotions
As a specialty division of FORMost, our events and promotions team specializes in both the design and production services of any event.
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february 2019 by Adventure_Web
9 out-of-the-box promotions for 2018 | CMO Strategy - Ad Age
Burger King's bones

One of BK's wackier marketing stunts of the year (and there were several) went to the dogs: The chain offered a Dogpper flame-grilled dog biscuit with every Whopper order from DoorDash, the chain's new food delivery service partner. (Soon after the promo started, BK had another Whopper deal: a penny per burger if ordered on its app while at McDonald's.)
december 2018 by JohnDrake
Academic Software on Sale at Eastgate WinterFest 2018 » The Appademic
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My apologies to anyone hoping for a meaningful update, the site has been quiet for a few weeks while. Time is hard to come by, nontheless new material is not far away. In the meantime, I draw your attention to the annual WinterFest sale from Eastgate. Some of the best apps  you will find anywhere for study and academic work are on the list, among them the most important software I own. These are the highlights:


One of only two reference managers I can recommend at present, Bookends is annoyingly good. I say that because I am currently invested in Zotero, while I continue to use the API for building iOS shortcuts. If it were not for that exercise, I would switch permanently to Bookends. It is everything I always hoped Papers 3 would be and never was. If you want a native referencong solution this is it.


I write in Markdown wherever I can, but there is nothing that comes remotely close to providing what Scrivener does for long form writing. I mean real long form writing. 1 If you're crafting a dissertation, a thesis, monograph, or a novel get Scrivener.  Ulysses provides a well polished middle ground for writers, but Scrivener is much better suited for serious projects in my view. If you’re still writing in MS Word, do yourself a favour.

DEVONthink Pro

Another singular and irreplaceable tool. There are programs about that approximate some of its functionality, such as Keep-it, Eagle Filer, or Evernote in a pinch, but there is nothing that combines the powerful heuristic engine, security features and search capabilities. All of my data ends up in DEVONthink eventually.


Scapple was designed as a companion tool for Scrivener, but works just as well as a standalone utility. It is the simplest, most freeform mind mapping utility available on macOS.


I have all but forgotten how to type without TextExpander. By no means the only option for the job, though likely the best of them.

WinterFest 2018

For the entire list, and more information check out the Eastgate WinterFest page. As far as I can see, there doesn’t seem to be any indication of when the promotion ends. However, the promo code is the same for all the apps: WINTERFEST2018

Sorry Apple Bloggers, long blog posts are not long form writing ↩

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december 2018 by jbpin
Fiverr Facebook Marketing Tips
This can be done by tracking every unique ad created and recording every sale originating from the timely use of that specific ad. The use of Google analytics will allow you to monitor every ad and note which one generated the most sales in your business daily operation.
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october 2018 by global.dwellers
amazon sellerCentral How to Create One Time Use Coupon Codes for Amazon Product Promotions - YouTube ;;;
tags: amazon sellerCentral How to Create One Time Use Coupon Codes for Amazon Product Promotions - YouTube video ;;;
amazon  sellerCentral  How  to  Create  One  Time  Use  Coupon  Codes  for  Product  Promotions  -  YouTube  video 
september 2018 by neerajsinghvns

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