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Public defenders to use generous plea deal offered to billionaire Henry Nicholas as model for future plea deal requests
Public defenders plan to request for their poor clients the same deal this billionaire got (except with the donation scaled according to their net worth).
prosecutorialdiscression  law  via:reddit 
august 2019 by mcherm
Minnesota Prosecutor Hits Teen With Child Porn Charges For Taking Explicit Photos Of Herself | Techdirt
In MN a prosecutor decides to try and ruin the life of a 14-yr-old for sending explicit pictures to her boyfriend.
sexoffenders  law  prosecutorialdiscression 
december 2017 by mcherm
What can I (legally) do to get charges pressed against my rapist? (Louisiana) : legaladvice
So apparently it isn't clear whether it's even rape in Louisiana if the victim doesn't "resist to the utmost", and prosecutors in some locations just don't prosecute sex crimes much.
law  personal_net  via:reddit  prosecutorialdiscression 
november 2016 by mcherm

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