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BOCAR Group is a full service Mexican supplier capable of producing aluminum and plastic automotive solutions. With manufacturing capabilities for electrification components, light weight solutions and compact module designs.
RicardoLira  FileMaker  Prospect 
8 weeks ago by TomasMartinez
The Insulin Racket
This article offers a pretty good breakdown of how the insulin mess got this way.
insulin  healthcare  prospect  2019 
june 2019 by handcoding
Nova AI - Intelligent Customer Management
Powered by AI & smart-lead technology, Nova is the sales platform that helps SDRs & AEs make smart B2B sales decisions with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Personalization.
sales  prospect  lead  funnel  ai  value  priority 
june 2019 by kpieper876
John Humphrys’s dismal legacy | Prospect Magazine
The Today presenter preferred to score political points rather than properly interrogate his interviewees
JohnHumphry  journalism  profile  critique  BBC  RadioFour  UK  Prospect  2019 
february 2019 by inspiral
How I learnt to loathe England | Prospect Magazine
Ever since the referendum, friends from across the world have been enquiring whether it is true that the British have gone mad. Without those six years in London, I would have unhesitatingly said “yes.” “A temporary bout of insanity” still seems the preferred explanation in much of Europe and among many British Remainers. But years of immersion in English culture and society have convinced me that actually, the Brexit vote should instead be seen as the logical and overdue outcome of a set of English pathologies.
Brexit  socialclass  EuropeanUnion  UK  review  personalaccount  critique  Prospect  2017 
february 2019 by inspiral
How to build a prospect list that will sky rocket your sales
Looking to build a prospect list to generate more sales for your business? Follow this step by step approach and watch your sales grow!
prospect  sales  prospects 
august 2018 by hlennard
Robots in the public sector? Bring them on | Mike Clancy | Public Leaders Network | The Guardian
Artificial intelligence could increase productivity and deliver better public services, but only if workers are involved every step of the way
prospect  work  bectu 
july 2018 by tonys
A’ mairsinn beò: why I’m learning Scottish Gaelic | Cal Flyn
Its speakers number in the tens of thousands. There are no monolingual speakers left alive. So why learn Gaelic?
19th  june  2018  cal  flyn  prospect  language  gaelic 
june 2018 by pnjman

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