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Study: Women evaluate partners more negatively when estrogen is elevated -- and men know it
Righetti and her colleagues found that both women and their partners evaluated their relationships more negatively on days in which women had higher estradiol levels. As estradiol increased, women also evaluated their partner as less physically attractive.

“Women’s hormone levels change across their ovulatory cycles, and these changes are likely to affect their psychology and, perhaps, the way they feel toward their romantic partner. We found that the hormone that peaks just prior to ovulation, estradiol, was associated with more negative partner evaluation,” Righetti told PsyPost.

Women’s estradiol levels were also associated with their partners’ self-reported well-being. “Men also perceived their partner to be less satisfied when estradiol was high and, consequently, they experienced lower well-being,” Righetti said.

Despite the changes in sexual attraction, however, hormonal fluctuations were not associated with having sexual intercourse .
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How climate experts think about raising children who will inherit a planet in crisis - The Washington Post
“We have to not exaggerate or distort what it was like, or the nature of what’s being lost,” he says, “or else we will fall into a nostalgia for a world that never was.”

"This has always been the work of parenting, all the more essential now in extraordinary times: to hold a steady balance between grief and gratitude, to find a way to move with purpose through a world that brims with both beauty and heartbreak."
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