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Feature: An Ode to the Owl: The Inside Story of Psygnosis - Push Square
Back in August 2012, Sony closed the doors of Studio Liverpool. via Pocket
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january 2014 by bunnyhero
the psygnosis story: glen o’connell, head of pr - edge magazine
"the revolution was commercialised. as much as playstation moved games from the bedroom to the living room, it also moved coding out of the bedroom as the scale of development costs grew."
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september 2012 by chl-archive
Psygnosis and Sony Liverpool: 28 years of great games - Edge Magazine
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august 2012 by dk33per
Commercial Breaks Sad to hear about the closure of one of the...
Commercial Breaks

Sad to hear about the closure of one of the longest running video game houses in the UK, Sony Liverpool. They maybe best known for bringing the Wipeout futuristic game franchise to the Playstation (and with it, a taste of what 21st century aesthetics would become), but the company took many forms before that …

Before Sony, it was Psygnosis, who specialised in games during the 16 Bit home computer era, best known for Shadow Of The Beast and Lemmings. Lemmings was created by (at the time) DMA Design, released by Psygnosis. DMA Design were responsible for the Grand Theft Auto franchise (and became Rockstar North, who do the hard coding).

Before Psygnosis, they were Imagine, who made games in the UK for 8 Bit home computers. In the video above, the company (alongside their rival, Ocean) were featured in an half-hour long documentary following the build up to their christmas releases.

Imagine went bankrupt during the making of the documentary, and there are plenty of fly-on-the-wall scenes captured during this period - it isn’t the first time things have gone wrong for those behind the company.

More about Psygnosis can be found here[video previously posted here]
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august 2012 by readywater
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Oh no! RIP (inzwischen Sony Liverpool). Lemmings war ein Traum, Barbarian schmerzhaft.
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august 2012 by joha04

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