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Facebook Wrestles With Free Speech and Civility -
For example, a page lampooning and, in some instances, threatening violence against an 11-year-old girl from Orlando, Fla., who had appeared in a music video, was still up last week, months after users reported the page to Facebook. The girl’s mother, Christa Etheridge, said she had been in touch with law enforcement authorities and was hoping the offenders would be prosecuted.

“I’m highly upset that Facebook has allowed this to go on repeatedly and to let it get this far,” she said.

A Facebook spokesman said the company had left the page up because it did not violate its terms of service, which allow criticism of a public figure. The spokesman said that by appearing in a band’s video, the girl had become a public figure, and that the threatening comments had not been posted until a few days ago. Those comments, and the account of the user who had posted them, were removed after The New York Times inquired about them.
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december 2010 by miaridge
Justice Department lawyer tells Congress: Bush 'always right'
LEAHY: Was the president right or wrong? BRADBURY: -- the president is always right, Senator.
terrifying  bush  politics  supervillain  publicfigure 
july 2006 by trace.carter
Senator Stevens explaining the Internet
a helpful slideshow to illustrate the points made in the aforementioned "the internet is a series of tubes" dissertation by wackjob senator Ted Stevens.
funny  laugh  politics  dumbass  news  publicfigure  internets  cartoon 
july 2006 by trace.carter
Sen. Stevens' hilariously awful explanation of the Internet
"I just the other day got, an internet was sent by my staff at 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday and I just got it yesterday. Why?"...and it gets better from there
laugh  dumbass  politics  news  internets  publicfigure  wha? 
july 2006 by trace.carter
Knives, rifles and a whip. Are Bush's gift-givers trying to say something?
The inventory of official gifts, published this week by the state department, reads like the wish list of the sort of paranoid survivalist who holes up in his log cabin to await Armageddon, having long ago severed all ties with the rest of the world.
bush  politics  jackass  death  funny  publicfigure  news  supervillain 
july 2006 by trace.carter
calling out the real criminals. based on the anti-filesharing trailer showing in movie theaters
copyright  video  politics  activism  angry  bush  civilrights  getmad  publicfigure  supervillain  movies 
july 2006 by trace.carter
J. Jonah Jameson's reaction to Spider-Man's unmasking
whoa. there are lots of ways this could have gone. this interpretation is surprising, but it seems true, powerful, and oh-snap-it's-on all at the same time.
comics  superhero  news  interesting  angry  sad  publicfigure  powerful  secrets  spider-man 
july 2006 by trace.carter
Hey, Kids, Come Out To The Park! - Deadspin
the phillies' brett myers is a wife-beating jackass, and the average fans aren't about to let him forget it
activism  news  sports  jackass  schadenfreude  publicfigure 
july 2006 by trace.carter
Helen Thomas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
she's broadly & deeply experienced in her field. she's earned the right to eloquenty & incisively critique & comment with that experience to back her up. ...oh, and she's pretty sure that bush is the worst president ever.
wikipedia  politics  writing  brilliant!  culture  badass  civilrights  historicalfigure  publicfigure  news 
july 2006 by trace.carter
FORTUNE Magazine: A conversation with Warren Buffett - Jun. 25, 2006
must-read interview all about the whys & hows of buffett's history-making philanthropic gift
news  brilliant!  smile  interesting  activism  money  publicfigure 
july 2006 by trace.carter
Warren Buffett Fans
i'm new to the club, but hell yeah -- w buffett rocks.
news  publicfigure  activism  money  badass 
july 2006 by trace.carter

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