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Microcosm Publishing
A publisher with some books ... *outside the normal*.
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yesterday by taffit
Saturnalia Books
In 2002, poet Henry Israeli wanted to provide an edgy alternative to traditional public narratives around poetry and visual art. Poets were pushing the boundaries of style and form, but they needed a publisher who was willing to balance the personal and political with the innovative and experimental.

Thus, Saturnalia Books was born.

Our mission is to publish poetry of high merit, by new and established writers and to encourage the publication of literature of a non-commercial and challenging nature.

Since the beginning, Saturnalia Books has been an important independent voice in the poetry world, typically publishing five books a year.

Through our annual contest, we discover new and mid-career authors from a diversity of perspectives and welcome them into the Saturnalia Books family. We do not accept unsolicited submissions and do not review submissions outside of our annual contest.
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3 days ago by stjp
Series :: Peanuts Every Sunday
"Since their original publication, Peanuts Sundays have almost always been collected and reprinted in black and white, and generations of Peanuts fans have grown up enjoying this iteration of these strips. But many who read Peanuts in their original Sunday papers remain fond of the striking coloring, which makes for a surprisingly different reading experience. It is for these fans (and for Peanuts fans in general who want to experience this alternate/original version) that we now present a series of larger, Sundays-only Peanuts reprints, which more closely duplicate that delightful, Sunday-morning reading experience and brings a splash of real color to Schulz's cast of colorful characters. Designed as a series of ten massive coffee-table quality books, each one containing a half-decade’s worth of Sunday strips, Peanuts Every Sunday will be a proud addition to any Peanuts fan's bookshelf."
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17 days ago by tsuomela
Ditto is a subculture and fashion publishing house.
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19 days ago by PALAST_SEHEN
Distill is dedicated to making machine learning clear and dynamic
Machine Learning Research Should Be Clear, Dynamic and Vivid. Distill Is Here to Help.
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24 days ago by fjordaan
Research Debt
Achieving a research-level understanding of most topics is like climbing a mountain. Aspiring researchers must struggle to understand vast bodies of work that came before them, to learn techniques, and to gain intuition. Upon reaching the top, the new researcher begins doing novel work, throwing new stones onto the top of the mountain and making it a little taller for whoever comes next.
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24 days ago by fjordaan
Frey, C.: The Technology Trap: Capital, Labor, and Power in the Age of Automation (Hardcover, Ebook, Audiobook-mp3 and Audiobook-wav) | Princeton University Press
"How the history of technological revolutions can help us better understand economic and political polarization in the age of automation From the Industrial Revolution to the age of artificial intelligence, The Technology Trap takes a sweeping look at the history of technological progress and how it has radically shifted the distribution of economic and political power among society’s members. As Carl Benedikt Frey shows, the Industrial Revolution created unprecedented wealth and prosperity over the long run, but the immediate consequences of mechanization were devastating for large swaths of the population. Middle-income jobs withered, wages stagnated, the labor share of income fell, profits surged, and economic inequality skyrocketed. These trends, Frey documents, broadly mirror those in our current age of automation, which began with the Computer Revolution. Just as the Industrial Revolution eventually brought about extraordinary benefits for society, artificial intelligence systems have the potential to do the same. But Frey argues that this depends on how the short term is managed. In the nineteenth century, workers violently expressed their concerns over machines taking their jobs. The Luddite uprisings joined a long wave of machinery riots that swept across Europe and China. Today’s despairing middle class has not resorted to physical force, but their frustration has led to rising populism and the increasing fragmentation of society. As middle-class jobs continue to come under pressure, there’s no assurance that positive attitudes to technology will persist. The Industrial Revolution was a defining moment in history, but few grasped its enormous consequences at the time. The Technology Trap demonstrates that in the midst of another technological revolution, the lessons of the past can help us to more effectively face the present."
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4 weeks ago by tsuomela
Modern Masters of Science Fiction
"Science fiction often anticipates the consequences of scientific discoveries. The immense strides made by science since World War II have been matched step by step by writers who gave equal attention to scientific principles, to human imagination, and to the craft of fiction. The respect for science fiction won by Jules Verne and H. G. Wells was further increased by Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Ursula K. Le Guin, Joanna Russ, and Ray Bradbury. Modern Masters of Science Fiction is devoted to books that survey the work of individual authors who continue to inspire and advance science fiction. Books are forthcoming on Ursula K. Le Guin, Neal Stephenson, Joanna Russ, Kim Stanley Robinson, Orson Scott Card, Roger Zelazny, and R.A. Lafferty. "
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5 weeks ago by tsuomela

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