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LOW←TECH MAGAZINE: How to Build a Low-tech Website?
"Our new blog is designed to radically reduce the energy use associated with accessing our content."

"Static Site…
Dithered Images…
Default typeface / No logo…
No Third-Party Tracking, No Advertising Services, No Cookies…"
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18 hours ago by robertogreco
Sourcerer App - Visual profile from your GitHub and git repositories
Sourcerer app makes a visual profile from your GitHub and git repositories.
career  Kotlin  publishing  Git  visualization 
18 hours ago by liqweed
TeXML: an XML syntax for TeX (LaTeX, ConTeXt)
TeXML is an XML syntax for TeX. The processor transforms the TeXML markup into the TeX markup, escaping special and out-of-encoding characters. The intended audience is developers who automatically generate [La]TeX or ConTeXt files.
TeXML  textconvert  publishing  docConvert  XML  TeX 
yesterday by Jswindle
How to Build a Low-tech Website?
absolutely love this: solar powered, static site, dithers images, uses default font stack, no third-party javascript, battery meter at the top of the page
web  webdev  publishing  sustainability 
yesterday by aparrish
[Essay] The Printed World in Peril | Harper's Magazine
At the end of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, the exiled hoboes return to the cities, which have been destroyed by the nuclear conflicts of the illiterate, bringing with them their head-borne texts, ready to restart civilization. And it’s this that seems to me the most prescient part of Bradbury’s menacing vision. For I see no future for the words printed on paper, or the art forms they enacted, if our civilization continues on this digital trajectory: there’s no way back to the future—especially not through the portal of a printed text.
via:mymarkup  publishing  literary-criticism  media  book-culture  cultural-dynamics  nostalgia  the-many-discomforts-of-change 
2 days ago by Vaguery

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