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Two internet entrepreneurs walk into an old publishing house | Dries Buytaert
What's not to love about this? New meets old. Founders of Drupal and Wordpress visiting a printing press.
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5 hours ago by davidnunez
Omeka provides open-source web publishing platforms for sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits.
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5 hours ago by danmichaelo
Samvera - an open source repository solution for digital content
Samvera™ is the new name for Hydra. Samvera is a grass-roots, open source community creating best in class digital asset management solutions for Libraries, Archives, Museums and others.
repository  digital-libraries  publishing 
5 hours ago by danmichaelo
collaborative storytelling online
6 hours ago by davidbenque
Corey Robin on the ‘Historovox’: What We Missed About Trump
The task is not to provide useful knowledge to the present; it is to insist on, to keep a record of, the most seemingly useless counter-knowledge from the past — for the sake of an as-yet-to-be imagined future.
history  journalism  politics  media  president  dc  academia  publishing  writing  documentary 
15 hours ago by allaboutgeorge
Marianne Dages
Marianne Dages is a Philadelphia based artist investigating the crossroads between image, language, and thought. Her work is held in public collections including the MOMA Library, Yale University Library, and SAIC Chicago. She was awarded the two-year Core Fellowship at Penland School of Crafts, where she studied bookbinding and letterpress printing. In 2015, she had a solo exhibition at Print Gallery Tokyo. She's been an artist in residence at Herhusid in Iceland, Beisinghoff Printmaking Residency in Germany, and the Book Arts Center at Wells College. Marianne also teaches letterpress and bookbinding and publishes artists’ books under the name Huldra Press. She prints on a Vandercook No. 4 named Egon.
mdages at gmail dot com
art  artist  portfolio  printmaking  letterpress  books  bookbinding  artist-books  publisher  publishing  writing 
20 hours ago by stjp
Linking plasma formation in grapes to microwave resonances of aqueous dimers | PNAS
A dielectric resonator is a piece of dielectric (nonconductive) material, usually ceramic, that is designed to function as a resonator for radio waves, generally in the microwave and millimeter wave bands.

In a popular parlor trick, plasma is created by irradiating grape hemispheres in a household microwave oven. This work ties the source of the plasma to microwave photonic hotspots at the junction of aqueous dielectric spherical dimers.
publishing  science  physics  photonics  microwave  dielectric  resonance  journal  research 
yesterday by asaltydog
Scroll is Acquiring Nuzzel – Nuzzel Blog
A note from Tony Haile, CEO of Scroll TL;DR Scroll is acquiring Nuzzel The core service isn’t going to change beyond removing the ads We’re spinning out the media intelligence business What’s happening with Nuzzel? Scroll is acquiring Nuzzel. We’re investing in keeping it running as an independent entity, and our first priority is not…
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yesterday by bradbarrish
Paid newsletters made simple
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2 days ago by dmje

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