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Add to Home Screen
gives you the ability to let users quickly and seamlessly add your web app to their home screens without leaving the browser.
4 days ago by timswan
How you can make a progressive web app in an hour –
In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how to add your HTML, Javascript, and styling to this template to create an app that works online, offline, in a browser, and as a mobile app Progressive web…
progressive-web-app  PWA  freecodecamp  introduction  e-learning 
4 days ago by arnoldn
Your First Progressive Web App  |  Web Fundamentals  |  Google Developers
In this codelab, you'll build a Progressive Web App, which loads quickly, even on flaky networks, has an icon on the homescreen, and loads as a top-level, full screen experience.
PWA  progressive-web-app  introduction  google  developers  code-labs  guide 
4 days ago by arnoldn
Waarom je nu moet inzetten op progressive webapps of PWA's
Apps zijn dood, lang leve apps! Wil je gewapend zijn voor de toekomst, dan moet je nu inzetten op progressive webapps of PWA's. In deze post lees je de voordelen van een PWA ten opzichte van een klassieke app en hoe het je kan helpen om je conversieratio te verdubbelen.
PWA  progressive-web-app  overzicht  intracto 
4 days ago by arnoldn
Progressive Web Apps - The Concise PWA Masterclass | Udemy
Everything you need to build Progressive Web Apps from Scratch, or upgrade your existing Web Apps to PWAs.
udemy  PWA  progressive-web-app  e-learning  masterclass 
4 days ago by arnoldn

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