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How to automate VM deployment from large USB keys using ESXi Kickstart?
Article covering how to write an ESXi script that kickstarts an installation to a USB stick.
exsi  vmware  netboot  pxe  article 
9 days ago by csharpsteen
UEFI/SecureBoot/PXE-IPv6 - Ubuntu Wiki
Ubuntu wiki page explaining how to get PXE booting to happen when SecureBoot is enabled. Ubuntu has a signed shim that can chainload Grub2. This article explains how to make that happen. Deployment does not actually require Ubuntu --- you can just copy their signed binaries to another box.
pxe  netboot  article  secureboot 
9 days ago by csharpsteen
windows 7 - Setting up VirtualBox guest for PXE boot - Super User |
Solution: make sure the VM is using bridged networking (to the physical host adapter, 'eno1' or whatever) and install the Oracle secret-sauce Extension Pack.

Older releases here:
virtualbox  virtualization  networking  pxe  pxeboot  secretsauce  nonfree  fuckina  solution 
4 weeks ago by kme • View topic - PXE boot from bridged adaptor |
Lots of good suggestions here, but all that was *really* necessary was to bridge the physical adapter ('eno1' for me) and install the non-free Extension Pack.

The bundled PXE ROM is not sufficient to boot the Windows workstation installation environment.

See also:
pxe  pxeboot  networking  virtualbox  windows  win7  virtualization  sortof  solution 
4 weeks ago by kme
frzb/coinboot: A framework for diskless computing
Coinboot is a framework for diskless computing.

Its core features are:

Running Diskless

With Coinboot there is no need to equip machines with storage media like SSDs, HDDs or USB flash drives.
All machines are booting the operating system over network and run completely from memory, in-memory.

Lightweight Footprint

Coinboot has a lightweight footprint.
Driven by the demand to run sufficiently on hundreds of machines with commodity 1 Gbit/s network hardware.

Familiar Usability

No bumpy ride.
Coinboot feels just like every other Debian/Ubuntu-based system.

Easy Expandability

Need to expand your machines with further configuration, software, libraries, proprietary drivers?
By packing them as Coinboot plugin you can use them right after your machines have booted.

This repository contains the Coinboot Server Docker container.
This container includes all services to get Coinboot up and running and boot diskless Coinboot Worker nodes over network.
alpinelinux  diskless  pxe  boot  supervisord 
6 weeks ago by bfritz
GitHub - deltaprojects/foreman_discovery_image_installer: The Foreman discovery image extention that installs images
The Foreman discovery image extention that installs images - deltaprojects/foreman_discovery_image_installer
provision  baremetal  pxe  foreman 
6 weeks ago by fakebanana :: uses iPXE to network boot Operating System installers and utilities from an easy to use menu.
netboot  pxe  linux  bootloader 
11 weeks ago by shazow
Network Booting a Raspberry Pi 3 from an Ubuntu Server
Blog post detailing how to configure Raspberry PI to perform PXE boot.
homelab  raspberrypi  pxe  example 
11 weeks ago by csharpsteen

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