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WS9V - Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio - Skip
I am in Grid EM59dl " MACOUPIN COUNTY " - about one hour away.
I use 8ea 1160ft beverages for 160/80 RX and mini 4SQ
hamradio  QRP  Decatur 
june 2018 by W6AZ
[QRP-L] Dab o' DX on 50313 KHz this morning with FT8 by Bill, N4QA
Yesterday, I downloaded WSJT-X v1.9.1 in order to get my first taste of FT8.

On 50313 kHz this morning, along with oodles & boodles of stateside stns, the software is decoding:





this using the stock LOWER SIDEBAND rcvg K1SWL DSW-II-20 with the TenTec 1208 transverter and the PAR Electronics OA-50 Omniangle antenna at 13 ft AGL.

Elevation here is about 1700 ft AMSL.

I'm using my Microchameleon USB SPI DDS software & hardware to feed the DSW's DDS with data for 9128.78 KHz instead of the usual 19499.22 KHz for the DSW's receiver local oscillator for the required upper sideband rcv for FT8.

Been fooling around with cables, setting audio levels and whatnot.

HARRUMPH! There just may be something to all the FT8 hubbub!

Oh, BTW, this QRP setup has actually been involved in four real live 6m CW QSOS and multiple RBN etc far.

See y'all out there!


Bill, N4QA

Follow up reply:
hamradio  QRP  technology 
june 2018 by W6AZ
[QRP-L] FDIM - surplus store in Fairborn, OH
There is an electronic surplus store in Mentor, but it's currently
operating as a mail-order business (drat...); however, the worker I
spoke with stated that the management is
contemplating reopening a showroom at some indefinite time.

BTW, there's a surplus store in Fairborn, OH...

...Which is cleaner, better lighted and better organized than Mendelson's.


Brad AA1IP
hamradio  QRP  kits 
may 2018 by W6AZ
[QRP-L] Fiberglass Pole 7.2m Where to Buy - for QRPGuys vertical
No worries if they are not available from the vendor I mentioned. Similar, if not identical poles are available from other vendors on eBay.

Use the search term, "7.2m stream pole". From the results, select those that specify "FRP" or "Fiberglass", -not- CF or Carbon. I found plenty in the $10 range, delivered.

Yes, other rods will work as well however this particular rod was selected for a particular application in mind which is the support for several of the QRPGuys antenna kits. Reasons: They are quite inexpensive. They are very light weight and collapse to about 24" for back-packing. They are rugged enough for the particular application. They easily fit the Husky brand tripod.

FWIW Dept.: Frankly, I have never tested the effect of CF vs. FRP (it's on my copious TTD list) but that is what the QRPGuys antlers were tested with so I bought the same pole.

Here's wishing you the best of luck and happy angling :-P.

73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL
"Snort Rosin"
hamradio  QRP  antenna 
may 2018 by W6AZ
[QRP-L] N9SSA Miles Per Watt Calculator ONLINE
I have re-activated the QRP Miles Per Watt calculator at:

I inadvertently took the site down as I changed service providers.

Please feel free to let me know if there's any updates I can make to the tool!

Thanks, and best wishes to QRP-L

hamradio  QRP  Tool 
may 2018 by W6AZ

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