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Oppo Find 5 spec sheet pops up, heading to US for $499 unsubsidized
Quad-core APQ8064 chip: check. 5-inch 1080p display: check. That's right, it's the Oppo Find 5 again, but this time we're seeing the phone's full spec sheet courtesy of the manufacturer's overly simple US website -- we've already verified this with our contacts. Apart from the fact that Oppo will be selling the much anticipated Find 5 in the US, the product page also lists an unsubsidized price of just $499, which isn't bad when you look at the $600 HTC Droid DNA off contract. The specs also mention Android 4.1.2, a 2,500mAh battery, NFC, 16GB of built-in storage and 2GB of RAM, as well as compatibility with T-Mobile and AT&T's 3G networks. Now all we need are some pictures, but we'll even get to touch it at the Beijing launch event next Wednesday.
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Source: Oppo
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december 2012 by lem0nayde
Marvell: ARMADA XP
"The ARMADA™ XP (Extreme Performance) series of multicore processors is the industry’s first quad-core ARM processor designed for enterprise-class cloud computing applications. The ARMADA XP series integrates four Marvell designed ARM compliant 1.6GHz CPU cores along with a host of I/O peripherals to offer one of the highest levels of integration in the industry. By employing advanced design methodology and process technology, the ARMADA XP delivers the best performance per watt to empower emerging cloud computing applications ranging from high performance networking and web servers to high volume home server products like Network Attached Storage (NAS) and media servers."
gig-e  quadcore  processors  arm 
december 2011 by tlossen
"In 2011, Intel® introduced its first quad core CPU suitable for the COM Express® platform. With the quad-core CPU Core™ i7-2715QE and the dual-core CPUs Core™ i3/i5/i7, COM Express® reaches ground-breaking performance values: both for CPU and GPU rankings. Further Celeron® and COM Express® Type 6 variants will follow later. -- Kontron's ETXexpress®-SC is available as COM Express® basic form factor (125x95mm) for Pin-out Type 2 (ETXexpress®-SC T2) and Pin-out Type 6 (ETXexpress®-SC T6)."
boards  quadcore  kontron  com 
december 2011 by tlossen
Nvidia's Quad-Core Tegra 3 Ready, Asus' Transformer Prime Almost Ready - Ina Fried - Mobile - AllThingsD
That might be my tablet: RT @inafried Nvidia’s Quad-Core Tegra 3 Ready, Asus’ Transformer Prime Almost Ready ...
android  asus  tablet  quadcore 
november 2011 by nouveau_cologne
HTC Edge Will Have A Quad-Core Processor
"Business Insider: LEAKED: HTC's First Quad-Core Superphone -" < impressive, but we really need *bandwidth* not power..
mobile  htc  quadcore 
november 2011 by chrisdymond
HTC Edge Will Have A Quad-Core Processor
"Business Insider: LEAKED: HTC's First Quad-Core Superphone -" < impressive, but we really need *bandwidth* not power..Humans, Not Tech, Define a PC-Free IBM - Advertising AgeBBC News - Jack Draws Anything finishes his charity challenge"Jack, 6, has drawn 'everything'" < really well done @jackhenderson!! Congratulations! :) #fbAmazing Speech by War VeteranLiked: AMAZING SPEECH BY WAR VETERAN (via Boxee) Star desires and regrets at Playful 2011 Aden DaviesLive coverage Culture Hack NorthRT @CultureHack_N: we're gonna be live-blogging our little hearts out all weekend, VideoSwitch Video produce animated video that explains what your company does.Marketing fails to resonate with shoppers -"FT: Marketing fails to resonate with shoppers -" < It's the marketing strategies that are at fault? Seriously?!Steve Yegge: Last week I accidentally posted an internal rant about - Tim O'Reilly - Google+Tim O'Reilly: Fantastic story about Jeff Bezos by +Steve Yegge. I concur: News - Aardman threatens overseas move"Aardman threatens overseas move" #cdiscrBBC News - Big firms to get hotline to ministerial 'buddies'Ministers to be firms' 'buddies' < this doesn't sound like a good idea to me. At all. #fbSaudi Women Given Right to Vote -"Saudi Women Given Right to Vote" < pretty sure Saudi municipal elections aren't used to the world's attn... :-) #fbThe New Incubators | World Policy InstituteThus Spake Nano | World Policy InstituteThe Big Question: Greatest Thing Since... | World Policy Institute'Nudge' policies are another name for coercion - 02 November 2011 - New ScientistMilitary robots can leave operators at home - tech - 06 November 2011 - New ScientistPublicAffairs Books: A GOVERNOR'S STORYBBC News - Barclays Bank boss Bob Diamond warns of 'soc
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november 2011 by chrisdymond

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