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Want to be an astronaut? NASA wants your application – BGR
NASA가 우주비행사를 모집중입니다, BGR
- 2024년 여성 1명과 남성 1명을 달에 보낼 예정
- 3월 2일부터 모집 시작
- 지원 자격은 아래와 같음
- 미국 시민권 소지자
- 과학, 기술, 공학, 수학 분야의 석사 이상 학위 소지자
- 제트기 파일럿 1,000시간 이상 또는 유관 분야 2년 이상의 전문 경력
- NASA가 실시하는 신체 검사에 통과해야함
astronaut  nasa  moon  qualification  2020  bgr  recruit 
26 days ago by yun
How to Use BANT to Qualify Prospects in 2020
"budget, authority, need, and timing (BANT)"

but also:

"Don't view budget as a blocker; Map out who's involved; Identify the importance of the problem; Discover how quickly their organization moves."
sales  marketing  qualification 
11 weeks ago by cote
See If You Qualify for Financial Help | Covered California™
Find out if you qualify to get help paying for your health plan through Covered California
healthinsurance  california  assistance  susbsidized  insurance  coveredcalifornia  qualification 
october 2019 by lgtout
Assuring Quality for Internet of Things
Since the number of test cases and data sets are much higher compared to typical software functionality, Automation is a must for any IoT Assurance project as it ensures better Test Coverage and faster release cycles. Quality Engineers will have to write "software" and not just "scripts" in IoT Assurance.
qualification  CI  article  IoT  from pocket
november 2018 by djmonta
innovation.tank - eine Initiative der Seymar GmbH
innovation.tank™ verbindet Qualifizierungsmassnahmen für hochqualifizierte Erwerbslose mit innovationsfördernden
Impulsen für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen in CH.
innovation  disoccupation  qualification  impulse  initiative  ideas 
march 2018 by navegador

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