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ØMQ - The Guide - ØMQ - The Guide
ZeroMQ (also known as ØMQ, 0MQ, or zmq) looks like an embeddable networking library but acts like a concurrency framework. It gives you sockets that carry atomic messages across various transports like in-process, inter-process, TCP, and multicast. You can connect sockets N-to-N with patterns like fan-out, pub-sub, task distribution, and request-reply. It's fast enough to be the fabric for clustered products. Its asynchronous I/O model gives you scalable multicore applications, built as asynchronous message-processing tasks. It has a score of language APIs and runs on most operating systems. ZeroMQ is from iMatix and is LGPLv3 open source.
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1 hour ago by Hwinkler
Evaluate asynchronous tasks with configurable concurrency.
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8 days ago by reedhedges
The Over-engaged Knowledge Worker
I think there’s more opportunity in accepting the mentally fatigued and distracted state of knowledge workers, and working from that instead of against it. With that in mind I’d break down the problem into a few categories:

1. Reduce the drain of knowledge work, so that distractions are less necessary.

2. Support positive mental relaxation.

3. Support continuity of mental effort; make it easier to get back on track.

And I’d leave out:

1. Efficiency: usually efficiency means speed, number of steps, integrations, and so it calls for higher engagement. We care about efficiency, but only the efficient use of mental resources.

2. Blocking distractions: people want something out of distractions, and while we might aspire to replace distractions it’s probably unsustainable to block those distractions. Blocking is like starting an exercise plan by getting rid of all your chairs.

3. Communication and collaboration: even if distractions don’t break your continuity, collaboration will! Collaboration is obviously an interesting space, but you can’t do anything without pulling your collaborators into yet another tool. Trying to convert other people to a new way of working is not mentally relaxing.


If the human is forced to multitask, can the multitasking tools be grounding instead of stretching us out?
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16 days ago by graydon

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