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Quincy Jones, In Conversation
Seriously one of the best interviews you'll read this year.
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february 2018 by bradbarrish
Things You Didn't Know About "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" | Complex
Now this is a story all about how there are so many facts that you might not know about one of America's favorite TV shows. You all know the story of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: a troubled kid (Will Smith) moves in with his insanely rich fam in Beverly Hills, CA, only to stir up all kinds of shenanigans for Uncle Phil and crew. Hell, you've probably got the show playing in the background on TBS right now. In honor of its 24th anniversary, here are 24 things you didn't know about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 
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january 2018 by dk33per
RT : "Jazz has the power to make men forget their differences and come together" -
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march 2016 by soundsgood
Listen to the whole song, dummy!
I always loved the Quincy Jones-composed theme song to 70s sitcom Sanford and Son, but up until a few minutes ago I'd never heard the entire piece: three minutes and six seconds of delightfully infectious, playfully bright instrumental pop-funk. It's called The Streetbeater, and its creative and ever-changing arrangement includes snippets of the rarely heard bass harmonica. The piece is just a hella lotta fun. So, yeah, this got me thinking about the bass harmonica... very cool instrument. Check out this demonstration (just try to ignore the guy's shirt...)

And back to 70s black sitcom themes, how 'bout let's move on up to the East Side, with the catchy gospel number that opened The Jeffersons. And just so JJ won't feel left out, let's lend an ear to the Good Times theme, shall we? DY-NO-MITE!!
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may 2011 by knilob
The Truth Is Very Important: Life According To Quincy Jones
On Long-haired dictionaries & advice for young men
"The best advice I had when I was young was from Vin Webster. He said, 'youngblood, step into my office, I gotta pull your coat,' which means I wanna tell you something important. 'Everywhere you go, eat the food the people eat, listen to the music they listen to, and learn 30-40 words in every language'. I speak Greek, Farsi Turkish, French, Swedish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian - I'm not talking fluently, but I like to get around. They say a long-haired dictionary is the best way to learn an language. I got two girls in China teaching me in Mandarin, writing and speaking. You learn fast, man, because you paying attention" [Quincy Jones then writes his name out in Chinese, Arabic and Japanese].
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april 2011 by mkaps

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