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In U.S. and Europe, Migration Conflict Points to Deeper Political Problems - The New York Times
The anger, research suggests, often stems less from migration specifically than from a broader anxiety over social change. When people feel a sense of threat or a loss of control, they sometimes become more attached to ethnic and national identities.

For some people, the antipathy is explicitly racial. But for many others, the mere fact of cultural change itself can be unsettling. Immigration, unauthorized or otherwise, is just one of the changes that bring about a feeling of the loss of control. Economic dislocation, changes in social hierarchies and demographic change can all produce the same effect.

But when asylum seekers arrive without permission or warning, that can add to the sense of anxiety by making the border — perhaps the most obvious symbol of national identity and territorial protection — seem weak.

On both sides of the Atlantic, migrants and asylum seekers have become, for many voters, a symbol of the political establishment’s failure to protect them and their interests.
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Moderating the Hacienda: How Not to Run a Convention – VRV Blog
when I ran panels and talks, nearly every panelist I had was white. I mostly know white people. As with my panels, it’s not that I’m not I’m actively avoiding people of color—it’s that I kept finding myself in spaces full of white people and failing to ask basic questions like “Why aren’t there any people of color here? Why do I only ever meet white people? How can I address feelings of exclusion?”

You do not need to have done anything actively hostile to nonetheless be reinforcing racism. Simply not asking these questions does it.
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