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Richard Spencer at UF: More protests than speech in Gainesville, Florida | Miami Herald
Spencer remained steadfast that his appearance was a success, and that his movement would continue to grow.

“You think that you shut me down. Well you didn’t. You failed at your own game,” he said toward the end of his appearance. “The world is going to have a very different impression of the University of Florida. The world is not gonna be proud of you.”
protest  gainesville  spencer  racism 
16 hours ago by jstenner
The Prophet of Germany’s New Right - The New York Times
Profile of Götz Kubitscheck, one of the leading right-wing thinkers in contemporary Germany. Major influence on AfD. Interesting on the ways in which he tries to reimagine German nationalism to avoid overlap with Hitler, but still draws on some of the same ideas and themes as the Nazis. Spengler is a major influence. Focus on Western decline and the need for reinvigoration. Outwardly much less racist than other anti-immigrant right-wing thinkers in Europe now, but it's hard to see on the idea of a "Volk" whose essence is altered and even weakened by the arrival of different cultures doesn't take you down that road.
nationalism  germany  racism  immigration  nazi  far_right  europe 
yesterday by johnmfrench
In forensic science, race does exist - The Unz Review
I do want to point out that even though we are constantly assured that Science Has Proven Race Does Not Exist Genetically, it’s actually completely uncontroversial in forensic science that DNA can determine the race of pieces of corpses found floating in a New York bay.
genetics  Race  Racism  Sailer 
yesterday by HispanicPundit
The Public Medievalist: Jews, Anti-Semitism, and the Middle Ages
You might wonder why, in a series fundamentally about race, we are discussing Jews. We are discussing them because the Jewish experience in the Middle Ages—and the oppression that the Jews faced—was instrumental in the formulation of how race is understood today, not just for Jews, but for all races.
Jews  Medieval  Middle  Ages  Historiography  Anti-Semitism  Race  Racial  Formation  Structural  Racism 
yesterday by dbourn
The Public Medievalist: Race, Racism, and the Middle Ages
In February, 2017, The Public Medievalist inaugurated a new special series of essays on one of the thorniest issues surrounding the Middle Ages today: Race, Racism, and the Middle Ages. Issues of race lie at the heart of our understanding of the medieval world; racists—even within the ranks of the academic medievalist community—have, for far too long, warped our understanding of the past. And considering the recent uptick of overt prejudice, hate crimes, and politically sanctioned racism in the US and Europe, this series seems particularly timely and necessary.

The series is currently ongoing.

The goal of this series is the same as the overarching goal of The Public Medievalist: present cutting-edge scholarship that explores these issues with depth, nuance, and complexity, and do it in as accessible a manner as possible. We hope that you find these essays thought-provoking, enjoyable, and useful.
Middle  Ages  Medieval  History  Historiography  Race  Racism  Racial  Formation 
yesterday by dbourn
Rigged: How Voter Suppression Threw Wisconsin to Trump – Mother Jones
good overview (a bit polemic) on the effect of voter id laws in 2016
politics  racism  suffrage 
yesterday by aparrish

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