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Aisling, a Dresden Files (TV series) fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Wildly diverging AU epic; the characters grow and change and become different people, and the OCs are fascinating. "Even as we speak, I'm making up bullshit about having been trapped in a heptagram and had pierogies waved at me by desperate wizards who forced me into the whole thing. Dragging shit out of us that we're not supposed to tell you is what the Ars Pauline are for. You're rude enough for that, why not this?"
Tang.Guangzhen  fanfiction  dresden.files  dftv  diverging  harry.dresden  bob_hrothbert  megare_oc  cruachan_hobgoblin  bob_hrothbert/harry  morgan_warden  ancient.mai  tameriel  angelology  thaumaturgy  astral.projection  telempathy  epic  eryl_oc  battle  dragons  quasiincestuous  bob_hrothbert/harry/oc  mai/oc  arthurian.folklore  sacrifice  pathos  radicalphilosophy 
november 2008 by Sophonisba
InYo: Death, Honour and Loyalty: Hurst
Hurst traces the history of the modern popular concept of bushidou and examines its relation (or lack thereof) to anything practiced by actual samurai before Meiji.
resources  ficresources  japanese  japan  meiji.period  18thcentury  19thcentury  history  radicalphilosophy  farewelltostupidity  chuushingura 
june 2008 by Sophonisba

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