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RT : Sur ​, Michel Ndeze, alias Dynamike, est aux commandes d’une nouvelle émission qui plonge…
Radio  Culture  from twitter
2 days ago by bperrier
Bertrand Russell Authority and the Individual (1948) | Open Culture
His lecture series, Authority and the Individual, delved into an age old question in political philosophy -- the individual and his/her relationship with communities and states. The head of the BBC later groused that Russell spoke "too quickly and had a bad voice." But the real complaints came from the Soviets, who interpreted Russell's lectures as an attack on Communism.
culture  philosophy  government  radio 
3 days ago by ahall
Concertzender - Dr. Klangendum
#323. Onafhankelijke geluidskunst, radiofonische projecten en andere audio-non-visuele misverstanden en vondsten. Soundworks by Fari Bradley, Osvaldo Cibils, Roland Kuit and The Caretaker.

ma 17 feb 2020 00:00 uur
Genres: computer muziek | Eigentijdse muziek | Electronic Music | Elektronische muziek | experimentele muziek
Componisten: Fari Bradley | Osvaldo Cibils | Roland Kuit | The Caretaker.
art  arte_sonoro  Sound_art  Radio  Dr_Klangendum 
4 days ago by osvaldocibils
Radio Signal Identification Guide
A site for identifying radio signals
radio  ham  amateur 
4 days ago by ptdecker
Wall Panels With 3760 Antennas Can Increase Wireless Range | Hackaday
Most of us know that to get the best possible WiFi signal, you want there to be as few walls as possible between you and the Access Point. But that might soon change, as researchers at MIT have found a way to make surfaces increase signal strength.
work  radio 
6 days ago by rwhe
variationen: Ein Lied, eine Melodie und ihre Interpreten / pesem, melodija, interpreti
Die Sendereihe "variationen" auf radio AGORA 105,5 ist somit abgeschlossen.

Sämtliche vorhandenen Aufzeichnungen der Sendung sind unter diesem Link auf CBA abrufbar:

" variationen "

ein Lied, eine Melodie und ihre Interpreten / melodija, pesem, interpreti
radio  podcast  variation 
6 days ago by mandoisland

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