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Radio bulletin BBC Minute expanded its news service to young audiences around the globe with 60-second videos | Media news
The project will allow partner stations to share lively 60-second news videos on their own websites and social media channels
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9 hours ago by xkr
Finland radio stations streaming live on the internet - Listen online
A comprehensive list of Finnish radio stations streaming live on the internet.
20 hours ago by sillypinguin
Direct stream - ABC Radio
Direct urls for streaming ABC radio
abc  radio 
2 days ago by jhealy
[1708.02467] Wireless Communication in Biosystems
Electrical signals play the primary role in rapid communication among organs, tissues and cells in biosystems. We have analyzed and discussed three phenomena of electrical communication in biosystems, including direction-changing movement of paramecia, prey behavior of flytraps, and simultaneous discharge of electric ells. These discussions lead to a conclusion that in biosystems the electrical signals are mainly soliton-like electromagnetic pulses, which are generated by transient transmembrane ion currents through protein ion-channels. These electromagnetic signals mainly propagate along the softmaterial waveguide which is basically composed of dielectric membrane, sandwiched in two ionic liquid layers at both sides. In myelinated axons, the dielectric layer is as thick as several microns as it consists of tens of lipid bilayers. This transmission model implies that a wireless communication mechanism has been naturally developed in biosystem. This hypothesis may shed some light on the working mechanism of ten billion neurons in a human brain.
kinda-maybe-a-little-speculative  theoretical-biology  physiology  radio  :thoughtful-face: 
2 days ago by Vaguery
Radia Show 655: Routing Around by Rory Solomon (Wave Farm / WGXC) |
Posted on 2017/10/16 by Galen
Rory Solomon presents his CB radio project, live at Wave Farm’s “Lodge” show at Riedlbauer’s Resort in Round Top, New York Aug. 26, 2017. Solomon reviews citizens band radio history in the United States, and relates CB radio today to mesh networks. Solomon also plays a CB radio game with participants during the show. Photo by Bryan Zimmerman.
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2 days ago by rorys
HEAR Now Audio Theatre Arts Festival
Annual festival of radio drama, audio theatre.
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3 days ago by chrismyth

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