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Reliquary: Cult, The [1986.04.28] Santa Barbara, CA [Pre-FM]
The Cult
State Street Theatre
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
April 28th, 1986
Pre-FM Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
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2 days ago by rgl7194
These Vibes Are Too Cosmic – Stevie Bergman and Brian Kraus, Broadcasting on WPRB Princeton 103.3
Hello there. We’re Stevie and Brian, graduate students in physics* at Princeton University and hosts of These Vibes are too Cosmic (TVR2C), a radio show on WPRB. Find us on your FM dial at 103.3 or online at

TVR2C is a mix of music and science. In one show we’ll play punk, new wave, soul, blues, latin, africa, instrumental rock, …, and some science! Be it science facts that we compiled over the week or interviews with local researchers at Princeton (and visitors).

On this site we’ll post as many shows as possible, for as long as Mixcloud lets us, as well as interviews. Sometimes I’ll add visuals, links, and descriptions to the interviews, to give you more to go on. And please take part!
radio  science 
3 days ago by andyhuey
Belegschaft von Radio SRF in Bern wehrt sich gegen Umzug nach Zürich |
Mehr als 160 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der Abteilung Information des Radio-Studios haben eine Petition gegen die Verlegung des SRF-Radio-Standortes von Bern nach Zürich unterschrieben. Laut Recherchen von Mark Baer für den Klein Report wurde das Protestschreiben von praktisch allen Mitarbeitenden unterzeichnet.
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3 days ago by Medienwoche

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