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Tiffin | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
"Every day in Mumbai, the bustling financial capital of India, hot lunches are hand-delivered to employees in workplaces across the city. These home-cooked meals, packed in tins called tiffins or dabbas, are picked up from the customer’s home, whisked off by bicycle to a sorting facility, loaded onto carts and wheeled to the train station, loaded onto a train car, unloaded, resorted, routed, and delivered (again, by bicycle) to recipients at work. Each tiffin is carried by multiple dabbawallas (delivery people) along the way. Despite more than 250,000 lunch deliveries every day, mistakes are rare.

In Tiffin, players represent dabbawallas working to deliver tiffins and earn rupees by starting tiffins on a route and contributing to successful delivery of their tiffins and those of other players. The more tiffins delivered on a single route, the higher the payout for each player participating in the deliveries.

Shortcuts speed things up, flat tires slow things down, and an ever-present competitor might get there first. The game ends when all delivery routes are complete and the player with the most rupees is the winner."
games  boardgames  raeldornfest  jonathanhager  2016  toplay  mumbai 
february 2016 by robertogreco
Values of n Blog: A fork in the road
Stikkit and I Want Sandy go offline, Rael goes to twitter.
twitter  raeldornfest  stikkit  iwantsandy  email 
november 2008 by ajohnson1200
Daring Fireball has a sizeable and comprehensive review of Stikkit, Rael Dornfest's new project recently launched at Web 2.0
I was going to write a review of my own, but I'd be pretty hard-pressed to compete with this. Mine in a nutshell - it's a beautiful and classy bit of work that I'm having trouble getting my head around.
daringfireball  stikkit  raeldornfest 
november 2006 by tomcoates
values of n blog: Entrepreneurially yours
"... Stikkit will shortly be in alpha proper." Gimme, gimme, gimme.
raeldornfest  valuesofn  startups 
september 2006 by merlinmann
Rael Dornfest is heading off from O'Reilly to explore new territories
Good luck old chap. It was lovely working with you on the ETech programme last year and I look forward to seeing your new projects come to fruition...
raeldornfest  o'reilly 
august 2006 by tomcoates
Rael Dornfest coins new term: 'shufflecasting'
Not sure this one's going to take off so well - but although it's kind of semi-joking, I think there's a lot of value in podcasters looking towards smaller componentised chunks rather than full shows
podcasting  raeldornfest  shufflecasting  ipod 
february 2005 by tomcoates

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