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Modules - Jumpstart Lab Curriculum
Modules are used to namespace Ruby classes. For example, if we had this code:
ror  ruby  rails  webdev 
yesterday by cdmorris
Using pry-rails with Docker
Using pry-rails with Docker. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
pry  remote  rails 
yesterday by andrewcox
:remote => true in Rails Forms
Providing a seamless user experiences often means removing the need to refresh a page when adding or removing content. This can be accomplished by working with AJAX within your Rails application.
dev  rails  forms  remote 
yesterday by nicholasmott
Factories Should be the Bare Minimum
Fábricas devem criar objetos com o mínimo de atributos necessários para que o objeto seja válido.
design-patterns  ruby  factories  tests  best-pratices  rails  articles  dev 
2 days ago by repoles

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