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NFL WR Rankings: Do Bills have better starting 3 than the Rams and everyone else? - Turf Show Times
...Is it the best in the league?
The LA Rams of course present an obvious case and probably would rank first right now for many fans. Cooper Kupp would be my top-ranked receiver in the trio and here are there numbers from last season:
Cooper Kupp - 94 of 134, 1,161 yards, 10 touchdowns
Robert Woods - 90 of 139, 1,134 yards, two touchdowns
Brandin Cooks - 42 of 72, 583 yards, two touchdowns
Consider that Cooks has four 1,000 yard seasons, which is only one fewer than Kupp, Woods, Beasley, and Brown combined. Going into next season, would you rather have Buffalo’s starting three or LA’s? They present different skill sets and maybe only Cooks’ injury concerns would hold the Rams group back at this point...
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Hot take: 5 best catchers in Dodgers history
No one loves a good debate quite like baseball fans, and with that in mind, we asked each of our beat reporters to rank the top five players by position in the history of their franchise, based on their career while playing for that club. These rankings are for fun and debate purposes only … if you don’t agree with the order, participate in the Twitter poll to vote for your favorite at this position.
Here is our ranking of the top five catchers in Dodgers history. Next week: First basemen.
1. Roy Campanella, 1948-57
Key fact: His 57.4-percent mark for throwing out potential basestealers still stands as the all-time record.
Somehow, a Hall of Famer and three-time Most Valuable Player is often overlooked as one of the game’s greats. He was overshadowed as a trailblazer by Jackie Robinson, even though Campanella was Major League Baseball's first African-American catcher. Only Yogi Berra matched him for three MVPs as a catcher, but Campanella played with the Boys of Summer, surrounded by Hall of Famers. And his career was shortened on both ends, as he first played 10 years in the Negro Leagues, later being robbed of his sunset years by the catastrophic auto accident in 1958 that left him a quadriplegic.
Once allowed to play in MLB, though, Campanella excelled both at the plate and behind it. He played in eight consecutive All-Star Games. In 1951, he won the National League Most Valuable Player Award while hitting .325 with 33 home runs and 108 RBIs. He won his second MVP in 1953, driving in a then-record 142 runs as a catcher, then a third MVP in 1955 while leading the Dodgers to their first World Series title.
"Campanella will be remembered longer than any catcher in baseball history," Hall of Famer Ty Cobb once said.
Campanella was the second African-American inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1969.
"This completes my baseball career," he said then. "All my disappointments are behind me. There is nothing more I could ask for in baseball."
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3 days ago by rgl7194
Dodgers’ Top 5 first basemen: Gurnick’s take
LOS ANGELES -- No one loves a good debate quite like baseball fans, and with that in mind, we asked each of our beat reporters to rank the top five players by position in the history of their franchise, based on their career while playing for that club. These rankings are for fun and debate purposes only. We also asked fans to weigh in on Twitter...
Here is our ranking of the top five first basemen in Dodgers history. Next week: Second basemen.
1) Gil Hodges, 1943-61
Key fact: His 43.3 Wins Above Replacement (per Baseball Reference) leads all Dodgers first basemen. Needing 75 percent of the vote, Hodges was named on 63.4 percent of writers' ballots in his final year of Hall of Fame eligibility
He was a powerful hitter and a graceful fielder. Only Mel Ott and Willie Mays had more consecutive 100-RBI seasons than Hodges’ seven. He had nine fewer home runs than Tony Pérez in 2,748 fewer at-bats. He was an eight-time All-Star and won the Gold Glove the first three years it was given. He missed 2 1/2 seasons serving in the Marines during World War II, including a stint fighting on Okinawa, but still played on seven pennant winners and two World Series champions. From 1949-59, he averaged 30 HRs and 101 RBIs. From 1943-60, his 370 HRs trailed only Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Eddie Mathews, Stan Musial and Duke Snider -- all Hall of Famers.
“I saw him and I said: ‘[Rogers] Hornsby or [Nellie] Fox.’ That’s what I said.” -- Branch Rickey Jr., after first seeing Hodges at a tryout camp in 1943. Hodges signed for $1,000.
“He is the kind of boy who makes his scout’s job safe for 20 years.” -- Branch Rickey Sr.
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3 days ago by rgl7194
Stephen Malkmus Posts Wrong Yet Intriguing 'Led Zeppelin IV' Ranking - Rolling Stone
Pavement frontman inexplicably underrates “When the Levee Breaks”
All across the country, Americans are staying home in an effort to slow the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic — and looking for ways to fill those endless inside hours. For Stephen Malkmus, the once-and-future Pavement frontman, one way to get through these scary and unfamiliar times is to turn to an old favorite: Led Zeppelin’s fourth album.
“I revisited Zep 4 last night ( w/headphones in bed ),” Malkmus tweeted on Tuesday morning. What followed was a provocative, unexpected and totally wrong ranking of the songs on that 1971 classic.
Let’s start at the beginning. “Misty Mountain Hop” at Number One is a bold choice. It’s one of the catchiest Zep tunes, with a sweet, chunky groove and some fun lyrics about Lord of the Rings. Is it the best song on this album? Maybe, maybe not, but “Misty Mountain Hop” does, in fact, rule, so we’ll allow it.
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4 days ago by rgl7194
Kyle Meredith With... Stephen Malkmus | Podcast | Consequence of Sound
Legendary singer-songwriter also weighs in on his latest record Traditional Techniques
Stephen Malkmus talks to Kyle Meredith about his latest record, Traditional Techniques. The former Pavement frontman discusses using ’60s and ’70’s acoustic music as the inspiration, specifically the lighter side of Led Zeppelin. The legendary rockers have been on Malkmus’ mind after tweeting his track ranking of the Zozo album, so this interview gives him a chance to defend his lineup. Malkmus also talks about the generational bickering that arrives in the song “Flowin’ Robes” and Generation X’s ability to be lost in those conversations.
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The best pitching performance ever for all 30 teams
Los Angeles Dodgers: Sandy Koufax (Sept. 9, 1965, versus Cubs)
Pitching line: 9 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 14 SO (Game Score: 101)
All yours, Vin Scully:
For argument's sake: This was a tough one because Koufax doesn't have the highest nine-inning Game Score in Dodgers history. That belongs to Clayton Kershaw, with his 15-strikeout no-hitter against the Rockies in 2014 (that game wasn't a perfect game because of an error). My reasoning: (1) Strikeouts were easier to come by in 2014 than 1965 (7.8 K's per game versus 5.9); (2) the Rockies' lineup against Kershaw was pretty weak with guys like Brandon Barnes, Wilin Rosario, Josh Rutledge and Kyle Parker (plus, the Rockies always struggle to hit on the road).
On the other hand, the Cubs had two players making their major league debut the night of Koufax's gem. On the third hand, every pitch mattered in that game because it was a 1-0 win as Cubs pitcher Bob Hendley threw a one-hitter. And on the fourth hand, the Dodgers have a third 100 game: Nap Rucker, in 1908, had a 14-strikeout no-hitter to match Koufax at 101 -- and that was when strikeouts were really rare (3.4 per game).
Most likely to beat it: Walker Buehler had a 15- and 16-strikeout games last season, although allowed home runs in both efforts. Still, he could join Koufax and Kershaw in the 100 club.
Notable: Given their rich history of power pitchers, the Dodgers lead all teams in total number of 90-plus games as well 90-plus games of nine innings:
1. Dodgers, 126
2. Giants, 102
3. White Sox, 99
4. Indians, 96
5. Reds, 84
Nine innings (or fewer)
1. Dodgers, 91
2. Giants, 64
3. Red Sox, 55
4. Cardinals, 54
5. Indians, 54
6. White Sox, 54
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5 days ago by rgl7194
The Best Grey's Anatomy Doctors, Ranked | TV Guide
5. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)
Before McSteamy, it was McDreamy who sent hearts aflutter with his wavy locks, perfect smile, brooding demeanor, and undeniable charm. There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe how we feel about the brilliant neurosurgeon who earned the respect of his peers and the adoration of pretty much anyone who came in his vicinity. More than just a top surgeon, Derek was a genuinely great guy and part of an epic romance that will go down as one of the best in TV history. Meredith has always deserved the world, and we're grateful for everything Derek brought into her life in the abbreviated time they had together.
4. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.)
Webber is the hospital's surrogate father, guiding and supporting the staff when they need it and calling them out when they deserve it. Through all of his struggles, including alcoholism and losing his post as Chief of Surgery, he has remained one of the very best people to grace Grey's Anatomy.
3. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson)
If we're being honest, Grey Sloan would have fallen apart long ago had it not been for Bailey. Holding it down during the worst of the worst, Bailey (and not Meredith) is the show's true backbone. While tough and stubborn on first impression, she can also be vulnerable and compassionate if you give her the chance to show it.
2. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh)
No one was more driven or had the better zingers than the skilled and hilarious surgeon. Sure, Cristina could be overly ambitious at times and she lacked a certain tact in sensitive situations, but she was also kind, loving and deeply loyal — just look at her iconic friendship with Meredith and rollercoaster romance with Preston. Cristina may have moved on in Season 10, but she'll always be our person.
1. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)
Was there any doubt about who would take top honors? Brilliant, brave, vulnerable, and compassionate, Meredith Grey is the glue that holds everything together, and we couldn't imagine the Shondaland drama without her. Surviving everything from a bomb scare to the death of her husband, she's the very definition of perseverance, and we'll always root for her and for her happiness.
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6 days ago by rgl7194
Today-would-have-been-Opening Day MLB Power Rankings
1. Los Angeles Dodgers
2019 record: 106-56
World Series odds: 3-1
How they're impacted by the shutdown: If anything, a shortened season should only make the Dodgers stronger. They won't have to worry as much about monitoring the workloads of veteran starters Clayton Kershaw and David Price or the innings for Julio Urias, who is projected to finally enter the rotation on a full-time basis. -- David Schoenfield
While you're waiting for Opening Day: Enjoy Kershaw while we can
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8 days ago by rgl7194
Ranking the top 10 lineups in MLB for 2020
This unusual situation we’re all navigating has temporarily taken away our ability to watch baseball games … but it hasn’t taken away our ability to analyze and argue about baseball! So let’s move forward with our annual lists of MLB’s top 10 lineups, rotations and bullpens.
For this lineup list, one stat I’ll cite frequently is weighted runs created plus (wRC+). This quantifies run production with important external factors (ballparks and the offensive environment) taken into account, with 100 being the league average -- so a 120 wRC+ is 20 percent better than league average, while an 80 is 20% worse.
This is important to note, because a team like the Rockies will always rate well in terms of runs scored (ninth in MLB last year), but didn’t rate nearly as well in wRC+ (26th). The context matters. (You can read all about this in my forthcoming book, “A Fan’s Guide to Baseball Analytics.”)
With that in mind, these are the 10 lineups that I think would fare best, regardless of environment, in 2020. As always, these are subject to change … and argument.
1 -- Dodgers
1) Mookie Betts, RF
2) Max Muncy, 1B
3) Justin Turner, 3B
4) Cody Bellinger, CF
5) A.J. Pollock, LF
6) Corey Seager, SS
7) Will Smith, C
8) Gavin Lux, 2B
The focus is understandably on the MVPs in the leadoff and cleanup spots, but don’t lose sight of the overall complexion here. No. 2 hitter Muncy has 70 homers and a .927 OPS over the last two seasons, and Turner (No. 3) has posted wRC+ marks anywhere from 123 (above-average) to 158 (excellent) in each of the last six seasons. You’ve got Seager -- a 2016 National League MVP finalist finally entering a season healthy -- lurking in the No. 6 spot. And don’t sleep on Lux, who has one of the highest-rated hit tools of any prospect in the game.
Elsewhere, the Dodgers mix and match a lot from their bloated bench to gain the matchup edge within games. An NL team will inherently not have quite as much firepower as an American League unit while punting away opportunities in the No. 9 spot, but the devastatingly deep Dodgers could hold their own in either league.
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Ranking the greatest Dodgers bobbleheads - True Blue LA
Which ones are the best?
For years, stadiums have given away items as a way to draw more fans to games. There are the basics, such as shirts and hats. Arguably the most popular of the bunch, though, are bobbleheads.
This will be the 20th season in which the Dodgers will give out bobbleheads to their fans. It all started back in 2001, when the team gave out a Tommy Lasorda bobblehead on April 4. Since then, the Dodgers have given out 142 bobbleheads, according to their website.
However, not all of these have been stadium giveaways. Some have been part of exclusive ticket packages, season ticket holder perks, as well as the Dodgers’ annual 5k run. Nevertheless, they’ve given away quite a bit.
Originally, the team would give out only three a year. Oh, how the times have changed. Last year, the Dodgers had 20 (TWENTY!) different bobbleheads that were given out. That is by far more than any team in baseball. As of now, the team is giving away at least 18 for the upcoming season.
Growing up, my parents would take me to every bobblehead game. I loved collecting them, and to this day, I have well over 150 different kinds. They vary from Dodgers, to the NBA, to other MLB teams as well. I even have a collection of Seinfeld bobbleheads.
I love bobbleheads, so I thought this would be a fun little series to write about. Over the next week and beyond, I’ll be publishing articles where I rank the 10 best bobblehead giveaways in team history.
If you have a collection, or even only a few, share in the comments what your favorite Dodgers bobbleheads of all-time are!
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Ranking: Every Pearl Jam Album from Worst to Best | Consequence of Sound
01. Ten (1991)
Runtime: 53:20
The Fixer: The late Rakesh “Rick” Parashar handled production on the band’s debut, working with the outfit at Seattle’s London Bridge Studios before ultimately turning the work over for mixing to Tim Palmer of Ridge Farm Studios in Dorking, UK. Parashar, at the time, hadn’t really worked on any major albums outside of Forced Entry’s Uncertain Future in 1989. His work extended outside of the controls, however, as he contributed piano, guitar, organ, and percussion dubs to both “Black” and “Jeremy”. Both Parashar and Palmer seemed to amplify the album by drenching the tracks in reverb, which is why so many of the songs feel anthemic and prescribed for stadiums around the world. It’s the preferred mix a quarter of a century later.
But not by everyone: Over the years, Vedder has expressed his frustration with the production; in 2006, he told Rolling Stone, “I can listen to the early records [except] the first record … it’s just the sound of the record. It was kind of mixed in a way that was … it was kind of produced.” This might explain why Brendan O’Brien was called in to remix the LP for its 2009 reissue, offering a bare-bones affair that’s much more in line with the band’s late-era output. “I was initially hesitant to mess around with [the legacy of the album],” O’Brien admitted. “After years of persistent nudging from the band, I was able to wrap my head around the idea of offering it as a companion piece to the original — giving a fresh take on it, a more direct sound.”
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Rams DT Aaron Donald isn’t No. 1 on PFF’s top 101 players of 2019
There aren’t many players in the NFL who have been better and more consistent than Aaron Donald since he came into the league in 2014. In fact, there might not be any players who match his production and success.
However, in 2019, Pro Football Focus didn’t see him as the best player in football. Instead, that title went to another stud in the NFC West, 49ers tight end George Kittle. On PFF’s top 101 players of 2019, Kittle ranked first, while Donald was just behind him at No. 2.
It’s the first time since 2016 that Donald wasn’t ranked No. 1, and that year, he was also second (behind Tom Brady). Donald was the No. 1 player in 2015, and 18th as a rookie in 2014.
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