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What Socialism Is and Is Not, For Dummies. |
Ostensibly written to combat ignorance, but so in-your-face it's not apt to convince anyone who isn't already neutral on the matter.
definition  economics  rant  essay  capitalism  socialism  fascism  politics 
yesterday by mindways
You're using <em> wrong
We need to start considering why we are italicising text and using the right tag for it. We can make our tools better. We can make the web better.
html5  em  rant 
5 days ago by xer0x
City cycling in London is a joke
Earlier this year I was involved in a small discussion thread on bicycle paths on Reddit. The thread was about new 'cycle superhighways' in London. I commented that to me, these bike paths looked - at best - about on par with mediocre Dutch bicycle paths. Some redditors, presumably from the immediate area, convinced me that actually there is a lot going on in London to improve matters. In fact, in their opinion biking in London is alright. And the cycle superhighways are great!
cycling  rant 
20 days ago by marten

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