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Ravelry's Statement
"Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy."
culture_war  Ravelry  leftist_lies 
june 2019 by ruschold
This makes me incredibly happy! I've been on since 2012 & completely support your decision! There…
Ravelry  from twitter_favs
june 2019 by roens
Central Michigan Life - Parishioners, community members react to loss of former pastor Wayne Nicholson
"I just so admired his love," she said. "He was so genuine. He taught me more about love than anyone else ever has."
ravelry  obit 
june 2019 by Weaverbird
If There Are Looms in Heaven....
Then this dear man is already seated and throwing a shuttle....
obit  ravelry 
june 2019 by Weaverbird

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