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Looking at various ways to manage state in React.
react  reactjs  state  javascript  webdev 
14 hours ago by dougalcampbell
RT : So happy to see my long-time friend giving a great, detailed talk comparing & patt…
ReactJS  EmberJS  from twitter
21 hours ago by trek
Mineral UI
Mineral UI is an open-source design system created to simplify building appealing, modern software experiences. It is the culmination of designers and developers working together to give teams the ability to ship high-quality products faster.
components  reactjs 
yesterday by garcon
You Probably Don't Need Derived State – React Blog
This blog post will cover the following topics:

When to use derived state
Common bugs when using derived state

Anti-pattern: Unconditionally copying props to state
Anti-pattern: Erasing state when props change
Preferred solutions
What about memoization?
react  ReactJS  DerivedStateIsBadState 
2 days ago by tamouse
Accessibility is not a “React Problem”
Building an accessible React app is, at its core, not about React at all. The key is mastering the fundamentals of web accessibility: semantic document structure, appropriate labeling, and managing focus.
accessibility  ReactJS  clevermarks 
2 days ago by nhoizey

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