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Zero-config React development environment and static site generator
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15 hours ago by webdevotion
React v15.4.0 - React Blog
Profiling Components with Chrome Timeline

You can now visualize React components in the Chrome Timeline. This lets you see which components exactly get mounted, updated, and unmounted, how much time they take relative to each other.
React components in Chrome timeline

To use it:

Load your app with ?react_perf in the query string (for example, http://localhost:3000/?react_perf).

Open the Chrome DevTools Timeline tab and press Record.

Perform the actions you want to profile. Don’t record more than 20 seconds or Chrome might hang.

Stop recording.

React events will be grouped under the User Timing label.

Note that the numbers are relative so components will render faster in production. Still, this should help you realize when unrelated UI gets updated by mistake, and how deep and how often your UI updates occur.
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yesterday by tulbox

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