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react-cosmos/react-cosmos: Dev tool for creating reusable React components
Cosmos is a dev tool first, made to improve all components, big and small, not just the stateless UI bits. The fixture and proxy architecture doubles as an automated testing utility, providing a complete solution for developing robust and reusable components. Cosmos also makes it easy to create a living style guide, but it's a secondary goal and you might get more value from alternatives if this is your chief concern.

reactjs  ui  reactcomponents  devtools 
yesterday by madscene
Get started | Storybook Tutorial
Setup React Storybook in your development environment
reactjs  ui  reactcomponents 
yesterday by madscene
Webpack 2 & Semantic UI Theming – webmonkeys – Medium
One of the most frustrating things i recently faced was trying to setup a custom semantic UI theme with Webpack. The end goal was to be able to create a theme configuration that would extend…
semantic-ui  reactjs 
2 days ago by madscene

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