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React unit testing with Jest & React-testing-library - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
reactjs  testing  jest  react-testing-library  videos 
yesterday by program247365
Unit Testing React, Redux, Selectors, and Epics - codeburst
Components can be tested with snapshot testing. Tools like Jest (often combined with Enzyme) that offer this functionality take a ‘snapshot’ of what your component renders — everything from divs…
jest  redux  testing  reactjs 
yesterday by program247365
How to test React-Redux hooks via Jest | Through the binary
I love the new hooks from redux-react. It simplify things a lot. Let’s see how to test it.TBH, the solutions can be applied to any react hooks.
reactjs  jest  react-hooks  testing  howto 
yesterday by program247365
Make Enhanced React Components with Higher Order Components from @kentcdodds on @eggheadio
The state shared between our toggle components is implicit because it lives inside context and is not easily accessible. In this lesson, we'll make a Higher Order Component (HOC) factory function which will allow the user to access that implicit state in their own components. Higher Order Components take a component and render a new component with some enhanced behaviors, in this case, the toggle context is added to the returned component. This factory component can get rid of duplic...
reactjs  video  hoc  kentcdodds 
yesterday by program247365
Understanding React Render Props and HOC - Bits and Pieces
If you have been doing some React development recently, you must have come across terms like HOCs and Render Props. In this article, we’ll go deep into both these pattern to understand why we need…
reactjs  hoc 
yesterday by program247365
Mixing Component Patterns
Let's make a component that supports Render Props, Component Injection, Compound Components, the Provider Pattern, and Higher Order...
reactjs  patterns  kentcdodds 
yesterday by program247365
typescript-cheatsheets/react-typescript-cheatsheet: Cheatsheets for experienced React developers getting started with TypeScript
Cheatsheets for experienced React developers getting started with TypeScript - typescript-cheatsheets/react-typescript-cheatsheet
typescript  cheatsheet  reactjs  github 
yesterday by program247365
React Internationalization wit i18n - RWieruch
There are two popular libraries for internationalization in React out there: react-intl and react-i18next. Whereas react-intl is the most popular one when taking the statistics into account, most React developers seem to like react-i18next more.

These are three advantages of react-i18next over react-intl that I heard from my followers:

fast adoption rate when it comes to new React features (e.g. React Hooks)
highly effective and efficient API
i18n ecosystem that's not bound to React

After narrowing a few advantages, disadvantages, and differences down, I decided to go with react-i18next for my further research. Not only because I have used this library as my go-to library for i18n before, but also because the common opinion seems to point towards this library.
reactjs  i18n  libraries 
yesterday by ianmclaury
OpenChakra - React
Visual editor for Chakra UI
reactjs  editor 
2 days ago by pmigdal
Why I love to test with react-testing-library - John Brennan - Medium
it('Able to get by test id', () => {
const { getByTestId } = render(<Input data-testid="username" />)
const input = getByTestId('username')
fireEvent.change(input, { target: { value: 'johnb' } })
reactjs  testing  howto 
6 days ago by program247365

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