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“Slow Reading”
Richard Lanham: “Every course in composition ought to be a course in Slow Reading.”
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6 hours ago by M.Leddy
Paperback — A Simple Way to Read Pinboard Articles Later
A simple and beautiful way to read Pinboard articles later.
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12 hours ago by kslimbs
Colored filter improves dyslexic children's reading speed -- ScienceDaily
"Reading, one of the most difficult activities for children with dyslexia, can be improved by the use of green filters.
"A study described in an article by Brazilian and French researchers reports increased reading speed for nine- and ten-year-old volunteers with dyslexia who used green filters. The filters had no effect on age-matched children without dyslexia.

"Colored filters for the treatment of learning disabilities were first patented in 1983. They were also designed for use by children with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

"'However, studies of their efficacy were methodologically flawed. We used a highly rigorous methodology for the first time,' said Milena Razuk, first author of the article, published in the journal Research in Developmental Disabilities.
"The filters ... have been adopted in some countries, such as France."
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yesterday by katherinestevens
Free public domain audiobooks. Read by volunteers from around the world.
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yesterday by matthewmcvickar

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