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Being someone else: How virtual reality is allowing men and women to swap bodies | Polygon
The demo Girl Mirror Look is a very rudimentary way for someone to experience inhabiting the body of a woman, but a group of artists, programmers, and activists are taking the idea much further by using low-cost virtual reality equipment to achieve something that sounds like science fiction: They’re allowing people to trade bodies.
virtual  realitymining  gender  technology  tools  human 
december 2014 by wrrn
Physicists Devise Test For Whether the Universe Is a Simulation - Slashdot
Ever wonder if the universe is really a simulation? Well, physicists do too. Recently, a group of physicists have devised a way that could conceivably figure out one way or the other whether that is the case
physics  science  universe  realitymining  thepropagandasarecoming 
october 2012 by wrrn
Productivity Through Coffee Breaks: Changing Social Networks by Changing Break Structure by Benjamin Waber, Daniel Olguin Olguin, Taemie Kim, Alex Pentland :: SSRN
"In this paper we present a two-phase study undertaken to experimentally study in a real world setting the effects of social group strength and how to increase the strength of groups in the workplace. In the first phase of our study we measured interactions between workers at the call center of a large bank based in the United States using Sociometric Badges. We confirmed our hypothesis that the strength of an individual’s social group was positively related to productivity (average call handle time) for the employees that we studied. In the second phase of our study we show that by giving employees breaks at the same time we increased the strength of an individual’s social groups, demonstrating that low-cost management decisions can be used to act on these results."
realitymining  ambient_awareness  Think_different  interview 
july 2011 by clivethompson
MIT Media Lab: Human Dynamics Group
We have invented the technology of reality mining, which uses sensor data to extract subtle patterns that predict future human behavior. These predictive patterns begin with "honest signals," human behaviors that evolved from ancient primate signaling mechanisms, and which are major factors in human decision making in everything from job interviews to first dates. By using data from mobile phones, electronic ID badges, or digital media to track these honest signals, we can create a "god's eye" view of how the people interact, and even "see" the rhythms of interaction for everyone in a city.
science  sensordata  signals  human  technology  MIT  academic  RFID  sensor  pattern  datamining  research  predictive  linkeddata  socialdata  predictivemodeling  lab  mobiledata  social  future  decisionmaking  realitymining  data  forecasting 
april 2011 by csaper
Next Big Sound
Understand Your Fans' Online Actions

We're tracking the number of plays, views, fans, comments, mentions, and other key metrics for 493,049 artists across major web properties like Facebook, MySpace,, Twitter, and more. And we're more accurate than your intern.
music  information  marketing  industry  data  realitymining  statistics  connectionmachine  data-mining 
november 2009 by wrrn
Between the Lines - Proto Magazine - Massachusetts General Hospital
By using language- and pattern-analyzing software to search and distill the cascade of words on social networking sites, researchers may be able to identify trends and signals, such as repeated mentions of a certain drug in connection with a particular side effect or treatment success. “Listening” to thousands of patients as they discuss treatments, side effects and experiences with their diseases might even help scientists come up with hypotheses worthy of study.
information  realitymining 
november 2009 by wrrn
Future Vision - From the mind of Robert Rice
Level 3 becomes Augmented Vision. This is an important distinction. We must break away from the monitor and display to lightweight transparent wearable displays (in an eyeglasses formfactor). Once AR becomes AV, it is immersive. The whole experience immediately changes into something more relevant, contextual, and personal. This is radical and changes everything. As I have said before, this will be the next evolution in media. Print, Radio, Television, Internet, Augmented Reality (well, Vision).
media  technology  future  augmentedreality  realitymining  humancomputer 
september 2009 by wrrn
5 Ways Sentiment Analysis is Ramping Up in 2009
Sentiment analysis is no short-term hot trend. It will eventually become a key feature of search engines, which will integrate the aggregate sentiment of the crowd into search results.
tools  social  SentimentAnalysis  realitymining  internet  data  data-mining  sociology 
september 2009 by wrrn
MIT Media Lab: Reality Mining
Mobile phones (and similarly innocuous devices) are used for data collection, opening social network analysis to new methods of empirical stochastic modeling.

The original Reality Mining experiment is one of the largest mobile phone projects attempted in academia. Our research agenda takes advantage of the increasingly widespread use of mobile phones to provide insight into the dynamics of both individual and group behavior. By leveraging recent advances in machine learning we are building generative models that can be used to predict what a single user will do next, as well as model behavior of large organizations.
RealityMining  dataset  MachineLearning  mobile  socialnetworkanalysis 
august 2009 by csantos
Layar is a free application on your mobile phone which shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone.
augmentedreality  geo  realitymining  maps  locationaware 
august 2009 by wrrn
Mattel's New Web-Enabled "Avatar" Toys Will Offer Augmented Reality
While normally we wouldn't cover toys here at ReadWriteWeb, there is something special about this new lineup: these toys are integrated with augmented reality. By way of a 3-D web tag which can be scanned with any computer's webcam, the new toys are linked to an online world of content which makes them "come alive" in an entirely new way.
augmentedreality  realitymining  games  toys  spime 
july 2009 by wrrn

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